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How to Activate AHC GO Channel

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The American Heroes Channel was earlier known as Military Channel, which mainly focused on US Military and its history. You can watch all these shows in the AHC GO app, developed by Discovery Communications LLC. If you have the AHC GO app, you have to activate it to stream all the video content.

Supported Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox One

How to Install AHC GO on Apple TV

[1] From the home screen of your Apple TV, open the App Store.

go to app store

[2] Click on the Search icon.

[3] Enter AHC on the search box.

search ahc go app

[4] On the AHC app page, click on the Get icon.

[5] Open the AHC app and get the activation code.

How to Install AHC Go Channel on Roku

[1] Go to Streaming Channels from the Roku home screen.

[2] Click the Search Channels option and search for AHC.

[3] Select the AHC app from the resulted apps list and click on the Install button.

[4] Open the AHC GO app to get the activation code.

How to Install AHC GO on Firestick

{1} Navigate to the Search icon from the Homescreen.

go to search tile

{2} Type AHC on the search box and select the AHC GO app.

search ahc app

{3} Click on the Download icon.

{4} Now, open the AHC GO app to activate it.

How to Install AHC GO on Xbox

1: Launch the Xbox Store from the home screen.

2: Click on the Apps option from the Categories section.

go to app section

3: Go to Search for Apps and type AHC.

4: Select the AHC GO app from the search results.

5: Click on the Get option to install the app on your Xbox.

How to Activate AHC GO

#1 Open the AHC GO app and note down the activation code.

#2 Go to the AHC activation website (

activate ahc go channel

#3 Enter the AHC activation code and click the Link TV Provider button.

#4 Now, choose your TV provider and log in with your provider account.

#5 After that, the AHC GO app will be activated.


1. How do I get the AHC channel?

You can install the AHC app from the official app stores or use live TV apps like Philo, Sling TV, and fuboTV.

2. Is the AHC channel on YouTube TV?

No, YouTube TV is not offering the AHC channel.

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