How to Activate Direct Express Card

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Direct Express card is for federal recipients who receive their payment electronically. The Direct Express card is the financial agent for Comerica Bank. To activate the Direct Express card, you need Social Security Number (SSN), Security Code, and email address. With the help of the Direct Express card, users can check their card balance, transaction history, modify the PIN number, and set up optional services.

Benefits of Direct Express Card

  • Direct Express offers 24/7 customer service.
  • You can make purchases and get cash rewards anywhere the card is accepted.
  • You can get cash from any ATM and pay your bills online.
  • The card is protected with maximum security by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

How to Activate Direct Express Card [Website]

[1] Go to the Direct Express website ( through any browser.

[2] Select the number your card starts with.

[3] Hit the Proceed To Login button and log in with your account.

Choose the card

[4] Select the Activate/Register Card button.

Click Activate / Register Card

[5] Enter your Direct Express card number in the given field.

[6] Then, tap the Next button.

Click Next to activate the Direct Express card

[7] Enter your login credentials and tap the Login button.

[8] If all the provided information is correct, your card will be activated.

How to Activate Direct Express Card [Mobile app]

[1] Download the Direct Express app via App Store and Google Play Store.

Direct Express app

[2] Open the Direct Express app on your smartphone.

[3] Navigate to Activate/Register Card button and tap on it.

[4] Enter the 16- digit card number.

[5] Tap on the Next button.

[6] Type your Security Code, CVV, and hit the Done button.

[7] Log in with your Direct Express account if prompted.

[7] Finally, your card will be activated.

How to Activate Direct Express Card [Customer Care]

Similar to Milestone Card, you can call the Direct Express customer care service at 1-888-741-1115. Go through the automated voice and proceed to card activation. When you are with the customer representative, provide all the necessary card details to activate the card. Within two minutes, the Direct Express Card will be activated.

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1. How do I activate my Direct Express debit card?

There are three different ways to activate Direct Express debit cards. Use any one of the methods that suit your preference.

2. Can I reactivate my old Direct Express card?

If a card is deactivated due to a stolen or lost request, it can’t be activated again. You have to buy a new card.

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