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How to Activate Fetch TV [All Devices]

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Fetch TV is an IPTV provider that offers live TV channels. Fetch TV is only available in Australia. You can access the Fetch TV app by using the app or the set-top box. For the app, you have to activate the Fetch TV account to stream the video content.

activate fetch tv

Fetch TV is concentrating more on IPTV set-top boxes and stuff. With that, the Fetch TV app is not available for commonly used devices. Only a handful of devices has the app.

Supported Devices

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV

How to Download Fetch TV on Amazon Fire TV

[1] Navigate to the Search icon from the Homescreen.

go to search section

[2] Type Fetch TV on the search box.

search fetch tv app

[3] Select the Fetch TV app.

[4] Click on the Download icon.

[5] Now, open the Fetch TV app.

How to Install Fetch TV on Android TV

[1] Go to the home screen on your TV.

go to google play store

[2] Launch the Play Store and search Fetch TV App.

[3] Select the Fetch TV app and click on the Install button.

[4] Once downloaded, open the Fetch TV app to generate the activation code.

How to Activate Fetch TV

1: Open the Fetch TV app and go to Manage.

2: Click the Settings option and choose Mobile & Tablet.

3: You will get the Fetch TV activation code.

4: If you are a Mobile Only customer, you can find the activation code on the confirmation email or text.

5: Now, go to the Fetch TV activation website

6: Click the Log In button on the webpage.

7: Then, enter the Fetch TV activation code.

8: Now, you can watch all the IPTV content from Fetch TV.


1. How do I activate my Fetch TV box?

Go to Device Info under Settings to get the activation code. Enter the code in the Fetch TV activation website to activate the box.

2. Is Netflix free on Fetch TV?

No, you need to have a Netflix subscription to watch Netflix video content on Fetch TV.

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