How to Activate Kanopy on Streaming Devices

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Kanopy is a streaming app where you can watch documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, educational videos, independent films, and many more. You can watch all the content in the best quality and it lets you stream thousands of films for free. Kanopy partners with public libraries and universities to bring you the best titles. To access Kanopy, you must be a member of a participating library. Learn how to install and activate Kanopy on all the available devices.

install and activate kanopy app on all the available devices

On Kanopy, new titles are updated every week. Kanopy library is filled with more than 30,000 films and on-demand content. If you have a library membership, you can stream the content without any ads. In the Kanopy Kids section, you will find the best videos for your kids. For more kid’s content, you can get the YouTube Kids app.

Supported Devices

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Firestick
  • Android TV
  • Samsung Smart TV

How to Install Kanopy on Roku

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to go to the home screen.

2. From the home screen, tap the Streaming Channels option.

tap streaming channels from roku home screen

3. Next, from the following screen, tap the Search Channels option.

tap search channels to activate kanopy app on roku

4. Type and search for the Kanopy app using the on-screen keyboard.

5. Choose the app from the search results.

6. On the app information screen, click Add Channel to install Kanopy on Roku.

7. Then, tap OK in the prompt and select Go to Channel to launch the app.

How to Install Kanopy on Apple TV

1. Set up your Apple TV with your TV provider and make sure that it is connected to the internet connection.

2. Press the Home button to navigate to the home screen.

3. Launch the App Store from the home screen.

open app store on apple tv

4. Select the Search menu from the menu bar.

tap search to activate activate kanopy app on apple tv

5. Enter Kanopy in the search and tap the Search icon.

6. Select the Kanopy app from the search suggestions.

7. Tap the Get button to install Kanopy on Apple TV.

8. Launch the Kanopy app to get the activation code.

How to Install Kanopy on Firestick

1. Launch your Firestick and wait until the Home screen appears.

2. From the home screen, go to the Find menu and select the Search option.

tap on find menu to activate kanopy app on firestick

3. Search for Kanopy app.

4. Pick the Kanopy app from the list of apps.

5. On the next screen, tap the Get button to install Kanopy on Firestick.

6. Launch the Kanopy app and get the activation code.

How to Install Kanopy on Android TV

1. Turn on your Android TV and connect it to your home network.

2. Navigate to the home screen and tap Apps from there.

tap apps section on the android tv home screen

3. Launch the Google Play Store and tap the Magnifying Glass icon.

open play store to activate kanopy app  on android tv

4. Browse for the Kanopy app.

5. Select the Kanopy app from the list and tap the Install button.

6. Open the Kanopy app to generate the activation code.

How to Install Kanopy on Samsung Smart TV

1. Start your Samsung Smart TV and press the Smart Hub button on the remote given.

2. Tap the Apps section from the bottom of the screen.

tap apps to activate kanopy app

3. Next, click the search bar and enter Kanopy on Samsung Smart TV.

4. Select the Kanopy app and tap on Install.

5. Launch the Kanopy app from the home screen to activate.

How to Activate Kanopy

1. Launch the Kanopy app and note down the Activation Code that is displayed on your TV screen.

2. Then, visit Kanopy Activation Website (www.kanopy.com/tv) from your PC or mobile.

3. Enter the Kanopy Activation Code and click on the Next button to activate the Kanopy app.

enter the activation code to activate kanopy app

4. Next, sign in with your library credentials.

5. Now, the Kanopy app on your device will be activated and you can start streaming from the app.


1. Can you watch Kanopy without a library card?

No, Kanopy is accessible only through libraries.

2. How many films can I watch on Kanopy?

In Kanopy, you can stream up to 10 titles per month.

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