How to Activate Roblox Gift Card

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Roblox gift cards help the players to add credit for Robux or a Premium subscription. Roblox gift cards are available at $10, $25, and $50. You can also get a gift card with the custom amount. Two types of Roblox gift cards are available Credit and Robux. With credit cards, you will the real value of money to buy memberships and subscriptions. In the Robux gift card, the virtual currency will be added to the account balance and you can redeem it only at Amazon’s e-commerce site. The digital Roblox gift cards can be purchased on Amazon, Target, Gamestop, and Walmart. The Roblox Gift card can be activated online using a web browser and you cannot activate them using the Roblox apps.

How to Activate Roblox Gift Card Online

1. Open a web browser on your Windows or Mac PC and navigate to the Roblox Gift Card Activation (

2. Sign in with your Roblox account.

Sign in to Roblox

3. Tap the Redeem Card button on the home page.

Redeem Roblox Card

4. Type the Roblox Gift Card PIN in the PIN code field.

5. After entering the PIN correctly, click the Redeem button.

tap redeem to activate Roblox gift card

6. Now, you have successfully redeemed the Roblox Gift card.

How to Activate Roblox Gift Card During Purchase

You can also redeem your Roblox gift card while making a purchase using the Membership or on the Roblox official site.

1. Go to the Roblox official site and select the item you want to buy.

select the item you want to buy

2. Select the Redeem Roblox Card under the Select Payment type option.

3. Next, click the Continue button.

select redeem Roblox card to activate gift card

4. Type the gift card PIN in the given field and tap the Redeem button.

type PIN and tap the redeem button

5. Wait till the balance updates and click the Submit Order button.

click the submit order button to activate Roblox gift card

6. Finally, you will see a Thank you for your purchase confirmation message on the screen.

confirmation message on the screen

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Roblox gift card work?

The Roblox gift cards are used to purchase Robux or a premium subscription.

2. Can you activate a Roblox Gift Card online?

Yes, you can activate the Roblox Gift card online by using the Roblox website.

3. How to activate Voice Chat in Roblox?

Check our detailed guide on how to enable and activate the Voice Chat feature in Roblox.

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