How to Activate RushCard

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Similar to any prepaid debit card, you can also use the RushCard for in-store or online purchases that accept Visa debit cards. But, you will be able to spend the money upto a specific limit that is loaded on your card. Though it helps to control our spending, they do not offer the privilege other credit cards offer. RushCard can be used for paying bills, buying essentials, and withdrawing money from the ATM. RushCard is expensive when compared to any other debit card. However, the convenience fees might be worthy, as the Federal Deposit Insurance Company will cover the money. In addition, if the bank collapses, the government will take up the responsibility and ensure you don’t lose any money. Let’s see how to activate the RushCard in three different ways.

Steps to Activate RushCard

Like the Direct Express Card, we have multiple options to activate my new RushCard. So, we have the option to check on the process and try out the steps in order. By doing so, we can stick to any of the following methods that work for us.

How to Activate RushCard Using Phone

1. Dial the RushCard activation number 800-247-4109 that is stuck on the card and call.

2. Once you connect with the call, proceed by creating a four-digit PIN. The PIN is created for security intents, as it is used for transactions, payments, etc. Also, to avoid the card from being misused

3. By doing so, your card will now be activated.

4. Finally, you can load cash using direct deposit methods or visit a retailer who can help you load and re-load cash into your card. Additionally, users have the feature to locate the retailers on RushCard’s official website.

How to Activate RushCard Online

There is an alternate way to activate the RushCard using the activation site. You can activate it simply by providing the Card details, the CVV number available at the back of the card, the Card’s expiry date, and the social security number.

1. Fill in all the above details in the specified fields and acknowledge that you are not a robot by checking the box.

Activate New RushCard on official website

2. You need to create a security PIN and proceed further by depositing money into the card and making payments.

RushCard activation site

3. Alternatively, we can also visit the Activation Website. However, the process would remain similar where the users must provide the required details and create a PIN.

How to Activate RushCard Using App

1. You can manage the RushCard on your smartphone by downloading the app from App Store and Play Store

2. Download the RushCard application on your smartphone. 

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account and activate the card.

Activate RushCard Mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is RushCard a Prepaid Card?

Yes, the RushCard is similar to a prepaid debit card. But, you need to pay for the convenience, which is expensive compared to other prepaid cards. Unlike other prepaid cards, you will be able to load money by cash, cheque, or using the retailers near your location.

2. How to transfer money from RushCard to RushCard?

You can easily transfer money from one RushCard to the Other. But, some minimal charges are applicable for the process. Fortunately, this process should be done within 15 minutes.

3. How do I Unlock my RushCard Account?

Sometimes, because of security reasons, your account can be blocked. So, in that case, contact the RushCard Member Service at 866-787-4227 to verify and access the account further to use.

4. Can I link my RushCard to Cash App?

Yes, the RushCard has a tie-in with the Visa. So you can comfortably use it to make transactions using the Cash App.

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