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How to Activate SYFY on All Devices

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SYFY is an American channel owned by NBC Universal Cable Entertainment. SYFY channel was formerly known as Sci-Fi, where you can see most of the science fiction movies and TV shows. This channel mostly focuses on science fiction, horror, and fantasy genre. You will need to activate SYFY on the official website, to watch all the videos.

Activate SYPY channel

SYFY is the most popular channel, which has been in the telecom field for nearly 30 years. They also have the most thriving Marvel movies like Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and more. Their other top shows include The Sinner, Chucky, Day of the Dead, and Resident Alien.

Supporting devices

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One

How to Install SYFY on Apple TV

#1 Plugin your Apple TV into the HDMI port and turn on the TV.

#2 Go to the App Store and select the Search option.

App Store on Apple TV

#3 Type and search for SYFY.

Search for SYFY

#3 Click on the SYFY app.

#4 Then click Get to install the app.

#5 Select Open on your Apple TV.

How to Install SYFY on Amazon Firestick

#1 Make sure that Amazon Firestick is connected to your TV.

#2 Go to the Fire TV’s home screen.

#3 Click Find and then tap the Search option.

Search for SYPY

#4 Search and select the SYFY app on your Firestick.

#5 Select Install to download the SYFY app on Amazon Firestick.

How to Install SYFY on Roku

#1 Start Roku and then press the Home button on your remote.

SYPY on Roku

#2 Go to the Streaming Channels and select Roku Channel Store.

#3 Select Search and search for the SYFY channel.

#4 Click on the SYF app and select Add Channel.

#5 Tap Go to channel to open the SYFY app.

How to Install SYFY on Android TV

#1 Turn on the TV and go to the home screen.

#2 Open the Google Play store.

# 3 Tap the Search option.

#4 Search for the SYFY app.

#5 Select the SYFY app and click on the Install option.

#6 Launch the SYFY app on Android TV.

Activate SYPY on Android TV

How to Install SYFY on Xbox One

#1 Go to the home page of your console.

#2 Select Store app from the home screen.

#3 Find and select the Apps section under the Categories.

SYPY on Xbox One

#4 Choose search and search for the SYFY app.

#5 Select the SYFY app.

#6 Select Install and open the SYFY app.

How to Activate SYFY

#1 Open the SYFY app on your streaming device.

#2 Click Sign in and you will see an Activation code.

#3 Go to the SYFY Activation website (

SYFY Activate

#4 Enter the SYFY activation code shown on your TV screen.

#5 Select Submit and log in to your TV provider Subscription.

#6 Activate the SYFY channel and stream your favorite shows.


1. Is the SYFY channel free?

Yes, you can watch movies and limited series on the SYFY channel without a pay-TV subscription.

2. How can I watch the SYFY channel without cable?

You can activate the SYFY channel on live TV apps like Hulu, Sling TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV.

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