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How to Activate TIDAL on Streaming Devices

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The TIDAL app, launched in 2014, serves subscription-based music and podcast platform. In TIDAL, you will get more than 80 million music tracks with two levels of service. Tidal HiFi and Tidal HiFi Plus. New users can claim a 30-day free trial to experience the benefits of the app. Activate the TIDAL app and listen to all the music tracks.

activate tidal app

Supported Devices

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Vizio Smart TV

How to Install TIDAL on Roku

{1} Go to the Roku Channel Store by tapping the Streaming Channels.

search tidal app

{2} Go to Seach channels and type TIDAL.

type the app name in the box

{3} Select the TIDAL app name and click on Add Channel button.

{4} Then, click on Go To Channel to open the TIDAL app.

How to Install TIDAL on Apple TV

[1] Open the App Store from the home screen of Apple TV.

click app store

[2] Hit the Search icon and type TIDAL on the search bar.

type tidal app on the search bar

[3] You’ll see a few lists of apps. Select the TIDAL app to download.

click on get icon

[4] Tap the Get button to install the TIDAL app on your Apple TV.

[5] Run the TIDAL app to complete the activation.

How to Install TIDAL on Fire TV

(1) Head to the Search icon from the main menu of Fire TV.

navigate to search tile

(2) Enter the TIDAL app name on the search bar, you’ll see some app suggestions.

type tidal app on the serach bar

(3) Choose the TIDAL app and click on the Get icon to start the download.

click on the install button

(4) Tap the Open button to launch the TIDAL app on your Fire TV.

How to Install TIDAL on Android TV

{1} Using the Android TV remote, go to Google Play Store.

click on google play store

{2} Head to the Search section and type TIDAL.

type tidal app on the search bar

{3} Tap on the Download or Get icon.

{4} Open the TIDAL app on your Android TV.

How to Install TIDAL on Samsung Smart TV

1: Switch on your Samsung Smart TV and press the Smart Hub button on the remote.

2: Hover to the Apps section and click the Search icon.

type the tidal app name on search bar

3: Enter TIDAL on the search bar.

4: Select the TIDAL app.

5: Tap on the Install button to download the TIDAL app on your Samsung TV.

6: Open the TIDAL app for the activation process.

How To Install TIDAL on Vizio Smart TV

[1] Press the V button for the Vizio Internet Apps dock.

search tidal app to activate tidal app on vizio tv

[2] Scroll down to the TIDAL app from the list.

[3] Tap on OK to launch the TIDAL app.

How to Activate TIDAL

In the TIDAL app, you can directly enter your login credentials without any activation code.

#1 Launch the TIDAL app on your streaming device.

#2 Click on the Sign Up button and enter your mail ID.

sign up with valid details

#3 After the successful signin, you will get the music tracks and podcasts list.

#4 If you don’t have the TIDAL account, you can sign up here.


1. Can I cast TIDAL on my TV?

Yes, you can. The TIDAL app supports Chromecast support.

2. Is TIDAL better than Spotify?

TIDAL has the best audio quality when compared with Spotify.

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