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How to Activate TVision on Streaming Devices

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TVision is so-called Un-Carrier. This streaming service is an alternative linear service offered along with live TV streaming bundles. The service is similar to YouTube TV, Hulu, fuboTV, and Philo. Like these apps, you need to activate TVision on your device.

The new TVision app is home to three different streaming services: TVision Live, TVision Vibe, and TVision Channels. These three different services have different plans and these bundles cost also differs, but the main benefit is it has no contracts or long-term commitments. 

  • TVision Live TV: $40 per month
  • Live TV+: $50 per month
  • Live Zone: $60 per month

Supported Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV

How to Install TVision on Apple TV

[1] Open the App Store on your Apple TV.

App Store

[2] Click on the Search icon.

Search and activate TVision

[3] Enter TVision App on the search box.

[4] On the TVision app page, click on the Get icon.

[5] Open the TVision app and get the activation code.

How to Install TVision on Amazon Fire TV

[1] Navigate to the Find tile and choose the Search option.

Go to Find and click Search

[2] Type TVision on the box then you’ll see some app suggestions.

Search for TVision

[3] Select the TVision app from the list.

[4] Click on the Download button.

[5] Launch the TVision app on your Fire TV.

How to Install TVision on Android TV

[1] Go to the home screen on your Android TV.

[2] Launch the Google Play Store app.

Google Play Store on Android TV

[3] Search for the TVision app.

Activate TVision app

[4] Select the app and tap the Install button.

[5] Open the TVision app to generate the activation code.

How to Activate TVision

1: Open the TVision app on your streaming device.

2: The activation code will be displayed.

3: Go to the activation page of TVision,

4: Sign in with your TVision account.

5: Enter the activation code to activate the TVision app.


Q1 How do I activate TVision?

Enter the TVision activation code on the activation website. The TVision app will be activated.

Q2 Does TVision include DVR?

Yes, TVision subscribers get 100 hours of cloud storage.

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