How to Activate a Beacon in Minecraft

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Minecraft players know all the winning strategies. The most important part is Beacon’s strategy. It is the most important thing that every Minecraft player is chasing for a crazy adventure. Every Minecraft player wants this Beacon to assist their players in the game. Making Beacons is the ultimate goal of Minecraft players. But, getting a Beacon in Minecraft is not the easiest thing. To activate a Beacon in Minecraft, you need to have expensive materials and a lot of experience. Let’s how to get a Beacon in Minecraft.

Requirements for a Beacon

Before you start creating beacons in Minecraft, there are a few items required. The items are 1 Nether Star, 3 Obsidian, and 5 Glass. With the help of these, you can make a beacon and use it during gaming.

Make Beacon in Minecraft

Defeat Wither to gain a Nether star, summon to defeat Wither by using three Wither skulls and four soul sand blocks. After this, you can make a Beacon.

[1] Open your Crafting menu.

[2] In this Crafting menu, place the Nether star in the middle of the grid, and place three glasses in the first row. Place a glass in the first box, one bottom star in the second box, and one glass in the third box. Place three obsidians in the third row.

[3] You’ve crafted a beacon visible in the right box, drag the Beacon to your inventory to use later.

[4] This Beacon is a complete mechanism block that helps you to boost jump, haste, strength, speed, resistance, and regeneration by shooting up a beam of light.

create beacon to activate beacon in minecraft

Beacon Command Availability

These Beacon commands are available in the following editions.

  • Education Edition
  • Java Edition
  • Xbox One
  • Pocket Edition
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition

To run the Beacon command in Minecraft, launch your chat window and type the command /give @p beacon 1 in Java edition. Whereas, type /give @p beacon 1 0 in Education edition, Xbox One, PE, Switch, Win 10.

Build a Pyramid for Beacon

Before activation, you must build a pyramid. The pyramid is crafted through iron, gold, diamond, netherite, and emerald blocks. If you don’t have these items, you can build them with a mixture of these single blocks.

1: Build a pyramid between one and four layers. Depending on the height of your pyramid, the impact of the Beacon is relatively high.

2: Through the size of the pyramid, you can increase the power-on status effects. To gain the maximum results, build the pyramid on a 4-level.

3: For the base layer, place the blocks in a 9*9 sq. Place a 7*7 sq. on top, then followed by a 5*5 sq. and then at last 3*3 sq. at the topmost. Place a beacon on the top of the pyramid.

build pyramids

4: If you don’t have enough blocks to build a pyramid, place as many as you have for a small pyramid. Place a beacon on top.

How to Activate a Beacon in Minecraft

After placing a Beacon on the top of the pyramid, it will shoot up a beam of light. In this process, you won’t get complete status effects you’ve to do a few steps to activate fully.

1: Choose the main energy. It’ll show its menu that lists all the status effects to activate. You’ll need at least one ingot of iron, gold, diamond, emerald, or netherite.

2: Select a power based on the level of the pyramid and place an ingot at the bottom right next to the item.

activate beacon in minecraft

3: Click the Checkmark and exit the GUI. Now, you’ve fully activated the Beacon in Minecraft.

How to Change the Color of a Beacon

While activating a Beacon at the top of the pyramid, you’ll probably see a white beam of light shoots up at the sky. You can change the color of this light to any color of your choice. Now, let’s find out how to change the color of the Beacon.

[1] Using a dye of your choice, like blue or red, create a stained (colored) glass block.

change color of beacon

[2] Place the colored glass at the top of the Beacon. After that, you’ll see the changes in the color of the beam light.

change the color of beacon

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1. Why can’t I activate my Beacon in Minecraft?

Place the Beacon properly, right underneath the sky. Try again for activation.

2. How long do a Beacon last Minecraft?

Beacons last for 20 block radius for level one pyramid, a 30 block radius for level two pyramid. Your buffs will last for 10-15 seconds before it fades out.

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