How to Activate a Conduit in Minecraft

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A conduit is made by the heart of the sea and with the eight nautilus shells surrounding it. You can find the heart of the sea only in the buried treasure chests. But you can get the nautilus shells from fishing and also from the wandering traders. You can activate a conduit in Minecraft when it is in the center of a 3x3x3 block.

Steps to Activate a Conduit in Minecraft

1. First, search for the buried treasure map. You can find the buried map in the shipwreck or in the ocean chests.

find the buried treasure map to activate a conduit

2. Once you get the map, dig for the buried treasure and wander around the place until you see the red X on the map. Suppose you couldn’t find the X on the map, press F3 to find the carnival.

dig for the buried treasure

3. If you have found the buried treasure search, you will get the eight nautilus shells. You can get the nautilus from fishing and also from the wandering traders who also sell it for five emeralds each.

get 8 nautilus shells to activate a conduit

4. Next, craft a conduit and you need to place the heart of the sea in the middle of the crafting menu and the nautilus shell surrounding it.

craft a conduit to activate a conduit

5. Then, dive down to the tallest monument.

get the prismarine blocks

6. After you get the blocks select the location deep underwater and build the base layer of the conduit with nine blocks of prismarine.

build the base layer

7. Next, add four blocks to each pillar to all the end of the base it will take 16 blocks.

 build a pillar to activate a conduit

8. After you finish the pillars, complete the top frame of the conduit having four blocks each.

complete the top frame to activate a conduit

9. Next, add the 12 prismarine blocks to the conduit and make sure the blocks connect the middle of each pillar.

add prismarine block activate a conduit

10. Place the conduits in the center and make sure you use the temporary block to place the conduit, then remove the block.

activate a conduit to get conduit power

11. Once you activate the conduit, the conducts will blast and have the swirling particle effects around it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to build a conduit in Minecraft?

You need nautilus shells X8, prismarine blocks, and the heart of the sea to build a conduit in Minecraft.

2. How many blocks do you need to activate a conduit?

You need at least 16 blocks to make a conduit. But to activate it, you need 32 blocks.

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