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How to Activate Apple AirTag

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AirTag allows you to track almost anything and get your lost items in time. By leveraging the network on all the connected iOS devices around the world, locate your AirTag along with precise directions. Many people use AirTag for keys as they often misplace them. Whether it is minute or huge items, you can track and find your things with the help of AirTag. Once you activate and pair the AirTag on your device, you can track it without any limitations.

Requisites for Activating AirTag

  • Before setting up an AirTag, make sure your iPhone is running on the latest version of the operating system.
  • Ensure you are using a stable WiFi or cellular connection.
  • Enable or turn on Find My, Bluetooth, and Location Services.

How to Activate AirTag

[1] Pull out the battery tab so that your AirTag plays a sound.

pull out the battery tab to Activate AirTag

[2] Connect your AirTag by holding it near the iPhone. If your iPhone is not detecting the AirTag, lock the iPhone and unlock it and try again.

[3] Tap on the Connect button.

click connect tab to activate AirTag

[4] Choose the Custom name and create a name for your AirTag device or else select it from the given list of names. You can also add emojis or icons with your customized name.

hit continue to select customized name

[5] Then, tap on the Continue button.

[6] Click on Done to save changes.

How to Use AirTag in Find My App

[1] Launch the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

[2] Tap on the Items icon.

[3] You will get the list of AirTag items.

[4] Tap on the item that you want to find. Then, click the Play Sound button to play the missing sound on the AirTag.

Play Sound on AirTag

Note: If you are far away from the AirTag, you can’t play the sound. Click the Directions to get the location.

[5] If you are closer to the AirTag, you can use the Location Precision to get the pinpoint location.

Precise Location

How to Turn on Lost Mode in AirTag

[1] Open the Find My app.

[2] Go to the Items menu.

[3] Select your missing AirTag.

[4] Click the Lost Mode option and tap the Enable button.

[5] On the confirmation screen, tap the Continue button.

[6] Now, you have to enter your phone number or mail ID.

[7] Then, turn on the Notify When Found toggle and click the Activate button.

[8] After this, if your AirTag is found on the Find My network, you will get a notification on your iPhone or iPad with the AirTag’s location.

How to Rename AirTag

[1] Launch the Find My app on your smartphone.

[2] Scroll down to choose the Items tab and choose your AirTag.

[3] Click on Rename Item.

[4] Pick an item and type your desired name, then click on Done.

Use AirTag on Mac

[1] Launch Find My app through Spotlight Search on your Mac.

[2] Navigate to the Items section.

[3] Your AirTag name and last location appear on the screen.

[4] Click on the name to view full details.


1. How to Find an AirTag using Siri?

You can use Siri voice commands like “Hey Siri, find my AirTag.” The AirTag will instantly play a sound.

2. How to Find AirTag on Map?

Open the Find My app on your device. Go to Items and choose your AirTag name to see the location on the map. You can also locate your item by clicking Directions > Go.

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