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How to Activate Apple Watch

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Apple Watch is the smartest device that you can use for various purposes. It has amazing features to explore with your day-to-day activities. To discover all the new features, you need to set up and activate your new Apple Watch with your iPhone. You can also set up a family member Apple Watch using your iPhone.

Activate Apple Watch

Before setting up, update your iPhone to the newest version. Ensure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is enabled and connected with a stable WiFi or cellular network. Keep both devices within the range to stay connected until the setup process finishes.

[1] Press and hold the Side button to turn on your Apple Watch. Wait for a few minutes until you see the Apple Logo.

[2] Tap Continue when you see the message “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch“. If you’re not able to view this message, open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap on the All Watches and pair it up by clicking Pair New Watch.

click pair apple watch manually

[3] Use the Viewfinder on iPhone to scan the Apple Watch for pairing. If it is not paired, click on Pair Manually.

[4] If you’re using a brand new Apple Watch, tap on the Set up as a new Apple Watch. In case it has been used earlier, click Restore from Backup. If the Apple Watch shows any update available, then select Update Now to update the Apple Watch.

[5] Next, read the Terms and Conditions and tap on the Agree button to proceed.

[6] Enter Apple ID or else sign in later. You can also sign in with the Activation Lock screen.

Activate Apple Watch

[7] Turn on some features on the Settings like Location Services, Find My, Route tracking, Siri, etc.

[8] Select Create a Passcode to create a new passcode for the Apple Watch, or tap on Skip to create it later.

[9] Select some important prioritized features and apps like SOS, Activity, etc. Click Install All or skip for later.

[10] Wait for a few minutes until your Apple Watch syncing finishes. When you hear a chime, press the Digital Crown button.

How to Activate Apple Watch for a Family Member

While setting up in this mode, there is no need for an iPhone. You can set up Apple Watch for one of your family members also with a Standalone Mode.

[1] Press and hold the Side button till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

[2] Open the Watch app on your phone and start pairing.

[3] Tap on Set up For a Family Member. Now, review the tutorial screens and tap on Continue.

Set Up Family Member

[4] Keep the Watch Face in the viewfinder, then select Set up Apple Watch.

[5] Choose the wrist you want to wear and tap Continue.

select left wrist or right wrist

[6] Next, tap on Agree.

[7] On the Bold Text & Size screen, tap on the Set up Later in the Apple Watch App. Drag the slider to increase or decrease the font size. Tap on Continue.

Drag the slider to increase or decrease the font size. Tap on Continue.

[8] Click Create a Passcode to set up a Passcode for the Apple Watch.

[9] Now, you have two options. Add Existing Family Member and Add New Family Member.

  • To add an existing family member: Tap on the Add an existing family member > Enter their Apple ID password > Tap Next > Tap on Turn on Ask to Buy option > Enter their passcode > tap on Set Up as New Apple Watch follow on-screen instructions.
  • To add a new member: Tap Add New Family Member > Use Existing Apple ID > Turn on.

[10] Click Set Up Cellular to activate your cellular carrier. When it is ready, tap on Continue.

Click Set up cellular to activate your cellular carrier

[11] Tap Standalone and enter the WiFi address. Tap Continue, then review and tap on Confirm.

[12] Click on Share to share the network with your family member.

[13] Hit on the Enable Location Services to use family members approx. location.

[14] Select Use Siri > tap on Share with Apple if you wish to share the Watch Analytics.

[15] Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup.

Some apps and features are not available in this standalone mode. They are irregular heart rhythm notifications, ECG, cycle tracking, sleep, blood oxygen level, podcasts, and shortcuts. In case of any queries with the above procedure, then please specify them in the comments section below.


1. Can I activate the Apple watch without iPhone?

No, you cannot activate the Apple Watch without the iPhone.

2. How do I pair an already activated Apple Watch?

You have to reset the Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone.

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