How to Activate Avant Card in 2022

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Avant Credit is a private financial technology sector that was initially known as a lender in the mid-prime range. They offer unsecured loans and credit cards like Avantcard One and Avantcard Rewards +. Fortunately, this card allows us to pay off the credits at our convenience without any interest. Initially, the Avant Credit Card issues a $300-$1000 credit limit with 0% interest for the first nine months. Like Way2Go Card, we can use these cards to make payments anywhere accepting MasterCard payments. But, before that, we should activate the Avant Card for the first transaction.

Benefits of Using an Avant Card

  • The Avant Card helps people maintain a good credit score.
  • Being a technology-related company, Avant provides advanced security to customers’ data.
  • Avant ensures all the fees and additional charges are transparent to the customers.
  • An international transaction using Avant Cards does not include any transactional fees.
  • There are no extra charges or penalties if we exceed the credit limit.
  • MasterCard users benefit from identity theft protection available exclusively for Avant customers.

Methods to Activate Avant Card

Initially, any new credit card needs to be activated; it ensures safety to avoid random people from misusing it. So. it is mandatory to activate the card using any convenient methods suggested by Avant.

How to Activate Avant Credit Card Using Website

1. Open and log in to the Avant Website on a compatible device.

Avant website to activate card

2. Enter the email ID and password that was used to register the account initially.

3. Now, provide the last four digits of the SSN and the Avant card on the required field.

4. By doing this, the Avant card will be active. So, we can use it further and make the best out of it.

How to Activate Avant Credit Card Using Customer DashBoard

1. Sign in to the customer dashboard on a compatible browser using the registered mail ID and associated password credentials.

Avant Card Dash board screen

2. Now, provide the last four digits of your SSN and the Avant card’s number on the respective fields.

3. Finally, the card will now be ready to use. And we can also check on our account information, including paperless statements and the autopay option on the dashboard.

How to Activate Avant Credit Card Via Phone

If you feel the online process is tedious or hard to follow. We have an option to register the Avant Card using the phone.

1. To activate the Avant Card, dial 1-855-752-7011 from your phone.

2. Now, an IVR will assist you further. Follow the on-call instructions to get the activation process right.

3. Provide the necessary information to verify the account. By doing this, the Avant card will be active in minutes.

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1. Where can I use my Avant Credit Card?

We can use the Avant Credit card anywhere for in-store and online purchases where ever the MasterCard is accepted. Fortunately, this card does not have any additional charges for foreign transactions, like Barclays Card. So, it is ideal to use it for shopping in other currencies worldwide.

2. Why is my Avant card not working?

The reason for the Avant card not working can be due to many reasons. One of the primary issues would be crossing the transaction limit.

3. Is Avant a credit card?

Avant is an Unsecured credit card exclusively for people with an average credit score. The users need not make any deposit like many other similar cards and can use it right away.

4. Does Avant credit card have an application?

Yes, the Avant app is available for both iOS and Android users. It helps us manage the account conveniently and easily from anywhere with a compatible device.

5. How many Avant loans can an individual have?

An individual can have one loan per account, and the limit would be $35,000.

6. How to apply for an Avant credit card?

We can apply for a new Avant credit card using their website or Customer dashboard.

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