How to Activate Barclays Card

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Barclays Credit Card is offered by Barclays, one of the most popular banks in the United Kingdom. All the Credit cards work in a way where we can use the money up to the permitted limit and repay it later. This boosts the purchasing power of an individual and also aids them in times of emergency. Barclays Card is more secured when compared to other banks providing similar services that including Bank of America and Victoria’s Secret. There are several types of credit cards offering different services and benefits to the customer. So, we can purchase and activate the Barclays Card to use it efficiently and know better.

Benefits of Using Barclays Card

  • High security with 24*7 monitoring assistance.
  • For any suspicious activity, the Support team will reach you immediately via call or text.
  • Provides exclusive offers during festive seasons and gets tickets at a discounted price for online events, travel, and much more.
  • It covers a bunch of insurance, including travel, accident, mobile, rental car, and more.
  • Foreign money transfers can be done at zero transaction charges.

Activating Barclays Card

If you have purchased a new Barclays Card, you can activate it in three different ways.

  • Barclays Website
  • Barclays Mobile App
  • Phone Call

How to Activate Barclays Card on Website

1. Initially, go to the Barclays Card activation page.

activating Barclays card

2. Enter your 16-digit Card Number, Security Code, 4-digit Social Security Number, and Occupation.

3. Click on Activate button.

4. If you already have an online account on Barclays, login into your account using the credentials (Username & Password) and activate it.

How to Activate Barclays Card on App

1. Install the Barclays App on your smartphone from Google Play Store or App Store.

Barclays card mobile app

2. Open the app and select Activate Your Account option.

3. For online activation, you should enter the necessary details such as Card Number, Security Code, Social Security Number, and occupation.

4. Confirm the details and click on Continue to activate the card.

How to Activate Barclays Card by Phone

1. Make a call to Barclays Credit Card Activation number 1-807-408-8866.

2. Follow the on-call direction and activate the card by providing some details that include your date of birth, occupation, card number, security code, and last 4-digit Social Security Number.

3. Also, you have the option to set the Custom PIN for your account or get the existing one on the registered mail ID.

4. By doing this, we can activate the card and also remember that the call is chargeable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I activate my Barclaycard Credit Card online or via App?

Yes, Barclaycard platinum is a popular credits cards offered by Barclay. And they are partnering with leading retailers, institutions, and much more in the US. However, we can activate any new Barclaycard with a similar process using online or App methods. Barclaycard can also be activated by phone and is available in both US and Uk.

How to activate Barclaycard or Barclay debit card contactless?

It can be activated during the first transaction done using the chip reader. Before that, make sure to install the latest version of the Barclays app and enable the NFC. By doing so, the contactless payment would be activated.

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