How to Activate Best Buy Credit Card in Two Ways

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Best Buy is one of the popular consumer electronics platforms in the US. On this platform, you can purchase any electronic appliances like PC, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, wearable tech, household things, etc., from the best brands like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, GoPro, and more. Best Buy provides products with offers for school and college students. Moreover, they also provide the best deals for the product like Top Deals and Deal of the day. Best Buy also provides credit cards to its users. They offer two types of credit cards: Best Buy Credit Card and Best Buy Visa Card. By using these cards on online & offline purchases, you can get more offers, rewards, and cashback compared with Visa Gift Card and Walmart Cards. To get those offers, you need to activate your Best Buy credit card.

Benefits of Using Best Buy Credit Cards

  • Get upto 5% rewards every time you purchase on the Best Buy platform.
  • You can also get 2.5 points for every $1 you spent (Only on qualifying purchases).
  • Get more finance offers and discounts by using a Best Buy credit card.
  • Also, you can use the card for gas purchases, grocery, dining, and more.

Activating Best Buy Credit Cards

You can activate your Best Buy credit cards in two different ways.

  • By Phone Call
  • By Online

Activate Best Buy Credit Card by Phone Call

[1] Make a call at 888-574-1301 on your phone as it is a toll-free number.

[2] Next, listen carefully to the on-call instructions and follow accordingly.

[3] Provide your account number, bank routing number, and other necessary information to activate your credit card.

[4] After a few minutes, your Best Buy credit card will be activated.

Activate Best Buy Credit Card by Online

[1] Go to the Citibank registration page on your smartphone or PC browser.

[2] In the next step, type your card details such as Card Number, Card Name, Security Code, and last four digits of the primary cardholder’s Social Security Number.

Provide valid information to Activate Best Buy Credit Card

[3] After filling out all the necessary details, click on Verify.

[4] Once registered, log in to your Best Buy account and follow the steps to complete the activation process.

[5] Finally, you can make payments, manage your account, and activate alerts by accessing your Best Buy credit card.

After activating your Best Buy Credit Card, you can start making purchases on the Best Buy platform online or app. You can download and install the Best Buy app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Best Buy mobile app

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1. How to use my Best Buy credit card points?

You can use your Best Buy credit card points for every purchase. Also, you can use these points for entire or partial orders. The used points will appear on the card statement after your purchase.

2. Why won’t my Best Buy credit card work?

Your Best Buy credit card doesn’t work well for some reasons. It may be due to a lack of credit history, low disposable income, too much debt, etc.

3. What can I use my Best Buy credit card for?

You can only use your Best Buy credit card on the Best Buy platform. You can purchase anything on Best Buy Stores (offline) and their online website.

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