How to Activate Boost Mobile Phone [Easy Methods]

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Boost Mobile is a popular wireless phone service provider available in the US and Australia. It offers the lowest mobile contract that begins at $15. Moreover, it offers several remarkable benefits for its users, including high-speed internet, unlimited calls, texts, and unlimited streaming service. It also offers various premium model mobiles from popular brands at a comparatively lesser price. However, we can choose a new mobile from Boost or use your existing device. So, all you need to do to experience these benefits is to activate the Boost Mobile phone. If you purchase a new boost mobile, it has a SIM with all the essential user information.

Methods to Activate Boost Mobile Phone

The Boost mobile has different plans and options for new and existing users. So, we can follow the conventional method that best suits us. It allows us to activate a non-boost phone that is unlocked and out of contract with other service providers. We no longer have to take the device or the SIM to the nearby retailers to activate the phone, as it can be done online without paying.

How to Activate a Boost Mobile Phone Online

[1]. Open Boost Mobile’s official website activation page with a browser on Windows and Mac.

Boost website activation page

[2]. Click on the New Customer option under the Make a Selection option.

Activate New Device option

[3]. Tap on the Activate New Device option, and choose if you want to get a New phone number or Port the Existing Phone Number.

[4]. Provide the necessary information about the device, including ESN or Serial Number.

Enter ESN and IMEI How to Activate Boost Mobile Phone

[5]. Now, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the activation process.

[6]. Finally, you can use the Boost Mobile SIM card on the phone.

How to Re-Activate a Boost Mobile Phone Online For Existing Users

[1]. Go to Boost Mobile’s activation page and verify the phone’s status by clicking on the Check Activation Status option.

Check activation status

[2]. Log in to your existing account using the associated credentials to add the New Phone Number.

[3]. If the account is inactive, you might have to create a new account by providing the necessary information, including name, address, and payment information.

How to Activate Phone from Other Service Providers [BYOB]

[1]. Open the activation page on their official website.

[2]. Click on the New option from the drop-down list.

[3]. Select the Use My Own Device option.

BYOD - How to Activate Boost Mobile Phone

[4]. Choose whether you want to get a New Number or Port the Existing Number.

[5]. Select if you wish to include an additional line to the same account.

[6]. Now, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the activation process.

How to Activate a Boost Mobile Via Phone

If you feel that the online method is complicated for you to process, or you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, you can activate the Boost mobile by reaching out to customer support.

[1]. Dail 1-888-266-7848 from another number.

[2]. Ensure to keep the IMEI and SIM ID ready before beginning the activation process.

[3]. An IVR will handle the call, asking you to prompt your Boost Mobile Phone number.

[4]. In case you already have the number, you can proceed by providing it. But if not, you can wait and choose a new number or transfer the old number option.

[5]. Follow the IVR instruction and enter the IMEI and SIM ID using the keypad.

[6]. Enter the name, address, and other information as well for verification.

[7]. Now, you will have to provide the payment information and choose the best plan that works for you.

[8]. As you provide all the necessary information, your Boost Mobile Phone will be in the process of activation.

[9]. After some time, try making a call to check if the activation process is completed.


Can we use Boost Mobile on Metro PCS?

No. Because Boost uses CDMA technology, the Metro PCS is a T-Mobile company that works on GSM technology.

Can we use Boost Mobile on Verizon?

Yes. Boost Mobile is compatible with Verizon, and we can also switch the service without losing your existing phone number.

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