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How to Activate Channel 29 on GOtv

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The GOtv is a familiar Television service provider across the regions of Africa. It allows access to TV programs, including sports, movies, latest shows, and series, to its users. Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) is one of the most popular and also Africa’s biggest reality TV shows. Many Nigerians and Africans are eager to watch the reality show live on the GOtv channel. So, we should activate channel 29 on GOtv to watch the reality show live in the comfort of our home.

GOtv device

Methods to Activate Channel 29 on GOtv

To enjoy watching any GOtv channel, you must make sure to activate that particular channel. You can do it by using any of the two methods. We can do it either using the remote controller or a GOtv decoder. But, ensure that the GOtv subscription is active before looking for any specific channels. Moreover, you must subscribe to either of the subscription plans, including GOtv Supa, GOtv Max, or GOtv Plus, costing N2,700 per month.

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How to Activate Channel 29 on GOtv using Remote Controller

[1]. Turn on the GOtv and press your remote’s Menu/ GOtv button.

[2]. Go to the Options tab, and click on the Advance option from the menu.

[3]. Next, proceed by clicking on the OK button and select the Automatic Scan option.

Automatic scanning on GOtv

[4]. Now, let the decoder complete the scanning process.

[5]. Click on the Exit option and navigate to Channel 29 and check if the channel is active.

How to Activate Channel 29 on GOtv using Decoder

[1]. Turn on the GOtv decode by pressing and holding the power button.

[2]. As the decoder turns off, release the button simultaneously.

[3]. Now, wait until the decoder restarts and starts scanning.

[4]. Finally, when the scanning is done, we can go to channel 29 to check if it is active.

How to Fix Invalid Channel Issue on GOtv

Even after the activation process, there are chances for you to face the Invalid Channel error on GOtv. So, here is how to fix it and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

[1]. Press the Menu button using the GOtv remote.

[2]. Go to the Advance Option from the menu.

[3]. Now, click on the Installation option to access the Scan and Reset option.

[4]. Tap on the Reset option and restart your GOtv once again.

Reset option in GOTV to watch channel 29

[5]. Finally, choose Antenna power Off to complete the reset process, and the GOtv will be restored.

Antenna power off on GOtv to watch channel 29

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Why is Channel 29 on GOtv not showing?

The possibility for channel 29 on GOtv not showing issues or invalid channel errors can be due to internal glitches or technical errors. So, try troubleshooting the issue by resetting the device and see if it helps, or reach out to customer service to get help.

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