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How to Activate Cortana in Windows 11 & 10 PCs

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Cortana is a personal productivity assistant, similar to Siri, that was launched by Microsoft. Cortana in Windows can manage your calendar and maintain your schedule, set reminders and alarms. In addition, you can find facts, definitions, and information about everything. You can also join a meeting in Microsoft Teams and also get the information about your next meeting. To use this personal productivity assistant, you need to activate Cortana on your PC.

Steps to Activate Cortana in Windows 10

Before you begin the Cortana activation process on your device, make sure your PC or computer has a microphone. If there is no microphone, you cannot activate Cortana.

1. Go to the taskbar on your PC.

2. Tap the Cortana icon in the taskbar.

3. If you couldn’t find the Cortana icon, right-click on the taskbar.

4. Tap the Cortana option.

5. Next, click the Settings icon.

6. Swipe the toggle under Hey Cortana to activate it on your Windows computer or laptop.

swipe the toggle under Hey Cortana to activate Cortana on Windows 10

7. After you turn on the toggle, your PC will be waiting for you to say Hey Cortana.

8. Finally, you can say Hey Cortana, to ask your questions like how is the weather today? Cortana will respond to you with the answer.

How to Add Cortana to the Taskbar

Though Cortana is available on Windows 10, it is not added to the taskbar by default. You need to add it to the taskbar.

1. Right-click on the taskbar.

2. Select Cortana from the menu that appears on the screen.

3. Now, a sub-menu with three options will appear on the screen. The options are Hidden, Show Cortana icon, and Show search box.

add Cortana to the Windows 10 taskbar

5. Selec Show Cortana icon to add it to the taskbar.

How to Set Up Cortana to Your Voice

1. Press the Cortana icon on your PC.

2. Tap the Notebook button.

3. Next, select the Settings icon.

4. Select the Learn my voice option and click the Start button.

select learn my voice and click the start button

5. Now, Cortana will ask you to say six sentences aloud to recognize your voice.

6. After learning your voice, Cortana will respond only to your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Cortana voice assistant on Xbox One?

No, you can’t use Cortana on Xbox One.

2. How to turn off Cortana voice assistant on Windows 10?

Click the Start button and tap Settings. Then, select Privacy and tap the Microphone button. Swipe the Cortana toggle to turn it off.

3. Is Cortana available for Android?

No, Microsoft shut down Cortana for both Android and iOS in April 2021.

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