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How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook

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If you’re an avid Facebook user, then activate dark mode on Facebook. Many people prefer a dark aesthetic nowadays as it improves readability, prevents eye strain, and consumes less battery. The dark mode on Facebook is available for all devices. Let’s see how to activate or turn on the dark mode on the Facebook platform.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook [Android Devices]

[1] Open your Facebook app on your Android device and then click on the Three horizontal lines icon.

(hamburger) menu icon

[2] Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy section on the menu.

Settings & Privacy section

[3] Select the Dark mode option.

Select the Dark mode option

[4] Click the On option to activate the dark mode.

Click on the "ON" option

How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook [iOS Devices]

[1] Launch the Facebook app on our device.

[2] Click on the Hamburger icon at the bottom of the screen.

Facebook app

[3] Scroll down and select the Settings & Privacy section.

Settings & Privacy option

[4] Select Dark Mode and then click the On option.

dark mode on Facebook

[5] That’s all, you’re all set to use your favorite social media platform on a dark theme.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook (1)

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Facebook [Desktop]

[1] Go to the Facebook website and sign in with your account.

[2] Navigate to the top right corner of the menu bar and click on the drop-down arrow icon.

click on the drop-down arrow icon to activate dark mode on Facebook

[3] Select the Display & Accessibility section.

[4] Choose Dark Mode and turn it on.

[5] The Facebook webpage will display in a dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Lite

[1] Open Facebook Lite on your device.

[2] Hover to the upper right corner and hit the Hamburger icon.

[3] Scroll down and toggle on the Dark Mode icon.

[4] Now, you can access the app in dark mode.


1. How do I change my Facebook to dark mode on Android?

In the Settings & Privacy menu, you can find the dark mode feature.

2. Why can’t I get Dark Mode on my Facebook?

Update the Facebook app on your smartphone to get the dark mode feature.

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