How to Activate Dasher Direct Card

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The DasherDirect card is offered by the Stride Bank, a member of FDIC. The DasherDirect cardholders can get 2% cashback whenever they get gas and 10 % cash back for a limited time. Your earnings will be deposited to a prepaid debit card after every dash without the deposit fees and waitings. If you want a DasherDirect card, you can apply using the mobile app. Your card will arrive within ten days. Once you receive your physical Dasher Direct card, you need to activate it using the mobile app.

Ways to Activate DasherDirect Card

  • Without Login
  • Using Login Credentials

How to Activate the Dasher Direct Card Without Login

1. Go to Google Play Store or App Store and install the DasherDirect app.

install the DasherDirect app

2. Open the DasherDirect app on your phone.

3. Next, click the Get Started button.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions until you are prompted to activate your card.

5. You can activate the card in two ways. The first method is to scan the QR code on the card.

6. The second method is to enter the card details manually.

7. Finally, you need to create a PIN for your DasherDirect card for further usage.

8. Now, you can use the DasherDirect card to make transactions.

How to Activate the Dasher Direct Card Using Login Credentials

Activate DasherDirect Card

1. Open the DasherDirect app on your smartphone.

2. Click the Main menu icon.

3. Tap the Manage Card option from the menu that appears on the screen.

4. Next, hit the Activate your Card button.

5. Type the last four digits of your card number and expiry date manually.

6. You can also scan the QR code on your DasherDirect card.

7. Finally, create a PIN for your card to complete the activation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use DasherDirect virtual card?

Once you receive the virtual card, download the DasherDirect mobile app and download add your card information to Apple Pay or Google Pay. After you add the virtual card information, you can use it in-store and make online purchases.

2. Can I use the DasherDirect card at ATM?

Yes, you can use the DasherDirect card at ATM.

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