How to Activate Destiny Card Via Online & Call

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Destiny Mastercard is for people who have a bad or fair credit history. Also, the Destiny card provides some valuable features to the users, similar to the Indigo Card. If you have purchased the card, you need to activate your Destiny card to access and manage it. The transactions made using your Destiny card will be reported to the credit bureaus. Destiny cards charge $59 – $99 as Annual fees and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 24.90%. The best part of Destiny Mastercard is that it has a pre-qualification process to check for the eligibility of applying for cards.

Benefits of Destiny Card

  • You can use the Destiny Mastercard anywhere in the US, wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • Offers fraud protection at $0 with new features of security.
  • Pre-qualification check doesn’t affect your credit score.
  • No need to pay the security deposit.
  • You can use the Destiny Mastercard for online, offline, and app purchases.
  • It also provides Theft protection which monitors your SSN, email address, login credentials, and more.

Activating Destiny Card

You can activate your Destiny Mastercard in two different ways.

  • By Online
  • By Phone call

How to Activate Destiny Card Online

1. On your smartphone or PC, launch a browser.

2. Go to the Destiny Mastercard activation page.

3. Enter the login credentials (username and password) and click Log In.

Destiny Card activation page

4. Navigate to the card activation option and enter your card number, expiry date, security code, or CVV.

5. Finally, click on Activate.

That’s it! You have activated your Destiny Mastercard online.

How to Activate Destiny Card by Phone Call

1. Call the Destiny Card customer service number at 1-800-583-5698.

2. Keep your card and other necessary details handy.

3. Follow the on-call instructions given by the customer service person.

4. Within a few minutes, your Destiny Mastercard will be activated.

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1. Is Destiny Mastercard a good credit card?

No. Destiny Mastercard helps only the people who have a bad credit score. Moreover, it charges high annual fees and APR compared with other cards.

2. What are some of the credit cards better than Destiny Mastercard?

Some of the best credit cards better than Destiny Mastercard are:
[i] Capital One card
[ii] Milestone card
[iii] Best Buy card

3. How many accounts can I create on Destiny Mastercard?

Destiny Mastercard allows users to create only one account at a time.

4. Does Destiny Mastercard provides fraud protection to customers?

Yes! Destiny Mastercard provides fraud protection to its customers. If you have lost your card or stolen it, call the customer service helpline number 1-800-304-3096 immediately.

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