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How to Activate Developer Tab in Excel

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The Developer Tab in Excel is used to create VBA applications, design forms, create macros, and import or export XML data. It also helps the users to create reports and analyze large volumes of data. Further, it allows the users to run XML commands, work with the ShapeSheet in Microsoft Visio, and more. The Developer Tab in Excel is hidden by default. So to access it, you need to add and activate the Developer Tab to the toolbar on your Excel.

How to Activate Developer Tab in Excel for Windows

1. First, open Microsoft Excel on your Windows or Mac PC.

2. Right-click on the Ribbon icon on the Excel.

3. Click Customize the Ribbon from the sub-menu that appears on the screen.

select Customize the ribbon option

4. Select Main Tabs from the drop-down menu.

5. Tick the Developer check box and tap the OK button.

select Developer under main tabs

6. Now, the Developer Tab will appear next to the View tab on your Excel.

developer tab is next to view tab

Alternative Method to Activate Developer Tab in Excel

1. Open Microsoft Excel on your device. Make sure that you are using the activated version of Microsoft Office.

2. Click the File tab.

3. Select Options under the file tab.

tap the Options tab to activate developer tab in excel

4. Choose Customize Ribbon in the Excel options dialogue box.

5. Tap the Main Tabs pane in the Customize Ribbon options section.

6. Under the Main tab, select the Developer option.

select customize ribbon under excel options to activate developer tab in excel

7. Then, click the OK button.

8. Now, the Developer tab will appear next to the View tab.

How to Turn on Developer Tab in Excel for Mac

1. Open Microsoft Excel and navigate to the Excel menu.

2. Select Preferences under the menu that appears on the screen.

select preferences under excel

3. Tap the Sharing & Privacy and click the OK button.

tap the OK button

4. Now, a pop-up dialogue box will appear on the screen. Choose the Developer option and click the OK button.

select Developer to activate developer to activate developer tab in excel

5. Finally, the Developer Mode will appear next to the Review tab.

Use of Developer Tab in Excel

There are some advanced options available in the Developer Tab like Macro, Add-ins, Interactive Controls, XML Commands, and Visual Basic.

1. Macros

You can find the Macro option in the Code group. Macro is an action that you can run as many times as you want. The users can record and run new Macros. Further, they can also manage the recorded macros.

2. Add-Ins

Using Add-Ins, you can install additional features, functionalities, and commands in Excel. Most of the Add-Ins are not built-in in Excel, you need to install and activate them manually. But the Add-Ins like Analysis Toolpak and Solver are built-in in Excel.

3. Interactive Controls

Form Controls and ActiveX controls are available in the interactive Controls. Form controls are simple to use, but the ActiveX is more advanced and it gives a flexible design that is used for VBA.

4. XML Commands

The XML commands have an XML Source Task panel that helps the users to import and export XML data from other applications and databases. It also allows the users to exchange the XML data between various applications.

5. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is used to launch the VB editor and you can also launch it by pressing the Alt+F8 keys on the keyboard simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Developer Tab in Excel?

You can find the Developer Tab under the main tabs in the customize ribbon section. Once it is activated, you can find it next to the view tab on excel.

2. Does Excel 2019 have the Developer Tab?

Yes, from Excel 2007 to the latest version of Excel, you can activate the Developer Tab.

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