How to Activate DITO SIM Card

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DITO is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Philippines. They also engaged in the business of multimedia and information technology. DITO provides its customers with super-fast mobile networks and internet services. If you have purchased the DITO sim online or from the stores, you can activate it quickly and easily without any hassle on your smartphone.

Steps to Activate DITO SIM Card

Follow these steps to activate the DITO SIM card on your smartphone.

  • Enabling VoLTE mode.
  • Configuring APN settings.
  • Registering SIM on DITO mobile app.

Enable VoLTE Mode

Before activating DITO SIM, enable VoLTE to make high-quality calls and use the data over the same network.

1. First, insert the SIM card into the SIM slot of your smartphone.

2. Click on SettingsConnectionsMobile Networks.

3. Tap the toggle switch to turn on the VoLTE feature. Once enabled, you can find the VoLTE icon on the status bar.

Configure APN Settings

2. Go to your smartphone Settings and click on Network & internet.

3. Select the Mobile network and tap on Access Point Names (APN) under it.

Select Access Point Names under Mobile network to activate DITO SIM

4. Click on the Add (+) icon, type the APN, and hit on OK.

Enter the respective APN for DITO network in order to activate the SIM card

5. Go ahead and turn on your mobile data. You will likely receive a welcome message and an email containing the initial login password for the DITO app. Once you have activated the DITO SIM, you need to register the SIM on DITO mobile app.

Note: You can even activate the SIM when you call or send an SMS to your contacts.

Tips! You can activate eSim on your iPhone for a seamless experience instead of physical SIM cards.

Registering SIM on DITO Mobile App

By registering the SIM on your DITO mobile app, you can track your load balance, data validity, and more features.

1. Install the DITO app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

2. Launch the app and tap on Sign in with your DITO number.

Select Sign in with your DITO number on the app

3. Type your DITO phone number (Check the phone number on the SMS received or SIM case), and enter the six-digit login password you received in the SMS.

Note: Sometimes, if you don’t receive the password, you can click Sign in with your DITO number, click on Forget Password and proceed.

The DITO phone number and password on the welcome SMS

4. On the confirmation prompt, tap the checkboxes after reading the Data Privacy Statement, Terms and Conditions. If you wish to receive notifications about offers, promos, perks, etc., you can tap it on the last checkbox, which is not mandatory.

5. Click Proceed. You have registered your DITO SIM card on the DITO mobile app.

Tick the check boxes and hit the proceed button to activate DITO SIM card

Customer Support

If you have any issues while activating DITO SIM on your smartphone, you can contact DITO Customer Care through Viber or helpline at 185 or live chat on the DITO app, Messenger, or even Twitter.


1. How to activate DITO SIM on non-compatible smartphones?

Unfortunately, you can’t activate DITO SIM on non-compatible smartphones. Ensure your smartphone has the VoLTE feature to use DITO SIM.

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