How to Activate End Portal in Minecraft

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End Portal is home to Endermen, Endermites, and the main Ender Dragon. To activate the end portal in Minecraft, you’ll need 12 end portal blocks and 12 eyes of the ender. By defeating the Ender Dragon, players can finish their part of the adventure in Minecraft.

Find End Portal in Minecraft

By defeating the Ender Dragon that lives in another Realm, you can get to the end of the game and also get rewards with lots of valuable items. Hence, it is a vital part of the game to find the End Portal by players. In survival mode, players cannot create it as it is a naturally occurring structure.

[1] By killing Endermen in Minecraft, you can easily obtain Ender pearls that show you the way to the end portal.

[2] Until the pearls rest on the same spot, the player should throw them to capture a certain distance.

[3] Next, dig around the whole place to find Strongholds and locate the end portal under the Strongholds.

[4] Be careful while digging as the silverfish spawner roams around the portal room.

Let’s initiate with the Creative mode, where you can build the end portal frame block from scratch. You can also switch from creative mode to survival mode after creating the end portal frame, as it is only available in the creative mode inventory.

Create Eye of Ender

Craft your Eye of Ender by using one ender pearl and one blaze powder. You can easily find the ender pearls that are fallen by Endermen and create blaze powder by placing the one blaze rod into the crafting table which is fallen by the fallen blaze. Fallen blazes are guards of the Nether Fortress.

[1] Launch your crafting menu.

[2] Place one ender pearl at the center square of the middle row.

[3] Then place one blaze powder at the right square of the middle row.

[4] Lastly, you can see the Eye of Ender on the right side box and drag it onto your inventory.

[5] Now, you should repeat steps 2 & 3 until you get 12 Eye of Ender.

Build End Portal Frame Blocks

Players build 12 End portal frames on the open space in a 25*25 grid view. You should place the three frame blocks on each side and in a specific direction so that they will ignite properly.

[1] Consider yourself that you’re standing at block zero. Now, count two block spaces forward. Then, place your first end portal frame block at the 2nd spot. Then, place the other blocks on each side of the first block simultaneously.

frame block

[2] Pace the end portal frames as shown in the figure.

Build End Portal Frame Blocks to activate end portal

[3] While building the end portal frame blocks, the block engravings should point inward towards the player, or else the end portal won’t activate.

Place the Eye of Ender at the End Portal Frame

To activate the end portal, the final step is to place the Eye of Ender at the targeted end portal frame block, depending on your device.

[1] In PCs, right-click on the end portal frame block.

[2] In Gaming Consoles, target the end portal frame block and press the left trigger button.

[3] For Mobile devices, simply tap on the end portal frame block.

ignite to activate end portal

NOTE: Be careful while placing the Eye of Ender, do not stand on the frame. When the end portal is activated, you’ll fall immediately.

How to Activate End Portal in Minecraft

After placing the Eye of Ender on all the frame blocks, exit from the portal. When the center of the end portal room resembles a dark black space, it means the end portal has been activated. Now, enter the into the dark portal and defeat the Ender Dragon to win valuable items in the end.

Activate End Portal

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1. Why is the end portal not working?

For most of the players, the end portal may not work. Construct the end portal in a specified way without missing any of the steps to activate it.

2. How do you teleport to the end portal?

You’ll need to find the portal room in the Stronghold. Then, fill the Eye of Ender on all the blocks to activate.

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