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How to Activate Grammarly in Word [PC & Mac]

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  • On PC: Go to Website → Tap Get Grammarly → Install App → Click Get Started → Choose Grammarly for Word → Tap Finish
  • On Mac: Open Word → Go to Get Add-ins → Search Grammarly → Tap on Get It Now → Accept Conditions → Click Continue

Grammarly is a cloud-based assistant that helps us by reviewing spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and more. Moreover, it also has artificial intelligence that suggests an appropriate replacement for the error on any documents. You can use Grammarly as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and more. However, you can use Grammarly for free, but you will get limited access only. If you want to get the maximum out of it, then the only option would be to get the premium version. Fortunately, we can also activate Grammarly in Word with few reliable methods.

Subscription Plans of Grammarly

Grammarly offers one week free trial for their users. Once the free trial is over, you need to own a subscription to use it. You can choose any one plan that is in your budget. However, you can also use the free trial to see if this would meet your requirement.

  • Monthly Subscription Plan – $29.95 per month
  • Annual Subscription Plan – $139 per year
  • Three months Subscription plan – $59.99

How to Activate Grammarly to Word For Windows

The process of activating Grammarly in Word can be done easily. All you have to do is to create an account first.

1. Launch any default browser and navigate to Grammarly’s website.

2. Tap on the Get Grammarly It’s free option on the screen to download the free version of the Grammarly app.

Choose the Get the add-in option

3. Install the software on your PC and tap the Get Started button.

Tap the Get started button

4. You will see two options, Grammarly for Word and Grammarly for Outlook.

5. In that, choose Grammarly for the Word option and proceed with the installation process.

Install Grammarly in word

6. You will get a pop-up to confirm that the installation process is completed.

7. Click on the Finish option, and the Grammarly extension will automatically apply to all the Microsoft Office.

Alternative Method to Add Grammarly for Word

Using the above method, you can try this alternative method if you cannot activate Grammarly.

1. Open the Microsoft AppSource website on any default browser to install the Grammarly app.

Microsoft store for Grammarly to Activate on Word

2. Click on the Get It Now option, and the software will be downloaded immediately.

3. Now, go to Microsoft Word, and open any document.

4. Tap on the Insert option from the Menu bar, and go to the Add-ins tab.

5. In the Add-ins tab, click on the My Add-ins option.

6. Finally, click on the refresh button on the top-right corner of the window, and check if Grammarly is working for you.

How to Activate Grammarly on Word for macOS

1. On the Mac device, open a Word document and go to the Insert Menu.

2. Navigate to the Get Add-ins tab, and you will be on the Microsoft Store, where you can download any add-ins.

Choose Add-ins  option activate Grammarly

3. Search for the Grammarly app and select Grammarly for Microsoft Word from the result.

4. Install it on your Mac device and proceed further by clicking on the Get It Now option.

5. Accept Microsoft’s terms and conditions and click on the Continue button to proceed further.

6. A new MS Word document will pop up and offer a guided tour across the Grammarly software to instruct on using the Grammarly features.

7. Now, as we type, we can see a floating Grammarly widget, offering corrections and suggestions as you work.


Can I use Grammarly on PowerPoint?

Yes, as we download Grammarly, it applies to all the MS Office tools. So, if we add Grammarly to PowerPoint, it will help you to rectify the errors easily on your presentation or documents.

How do I enable Grammarly in Google Docs?

To enable Grammarly in Google Docs, launch any web browser and tap the Extension icon at the top of the toolbar. Then, choose Grammarly from the drop-down menu. Next, ensure the Check for writing suggestions option on Google Docs is turned on. Once turned on, the errors and suggestions as we type.

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