How to Activate Indigo Card in 2022

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Indigo Card provides a credit card to users with various features. The Indigo Platinum MasterCard is more suitable for users who have bad credits. By using this card, you can restore your credit history. Also, you can easily purchase the card without needing a security deposit. Moreover, Indigo provides a credit limit of $300. The Indigo card comes with certain benefits and security features. It also monitors your SSN and other necessary account information 24*7. If you have purchased the Indigo card, you need to activate it for making purchases and further.

Benefits of Using Indigo Card

  • Indigo’s annual charges for the credit card range from $0-$99, which depends on the credit score.
  • The Indigo Platinum MasterCard does require any hard inquiry for pre-approval. If you have filed for bankruptcy, you can still apply for the card.
  • Unlike any other card, the credit limit will not depend on the deposit amount.
  • You can use the Indigo Platinum MasterCard anywhere in the US.
  • Indigo Cards reports the monthly payments to 3 major Credit Bureaus for reporting.

Activating Indigo Card

Like Credit One Card and Wisely Card, you can activate your Indigo card online or by phone. The activation process is simple, and you can activate it within a few minutes.

Activate Indigo Card Online

You must have a registered account on Indigo to activate your Indigo Platinum MasterCard. If not, you can create a new account and activate your card. If you have a registered account, you can activate it simply by logging in.

1. Go to the Indigo Card activation page on your smartphone browser or PC.

Homepage of the official Indigo Card

3. Click on Register Your Account under the Log In option.

4. Enter your new card’s details, such as Date of BirthSocial Security Number, and Card Number.

Registering account to activate the new Indigo card

5. Click on Continue to Next Step.

6. Next, enter a Username and Password to create an online account and click on Register Now.

7. Once you have registered an account, log in to your account card using the credentials and activate your Indigo Credit Card.

Activate Indigo Card by Phone Call

If you face any issues during the online activation process, activate your Indigo credit card by making a phone call. It will be an easier method to activate your Indigo card.

1. Make a call to the Indigo Customer Service number 1-866-946-9545, and the IVR will take over the call.

2. Follow the on-call instructions to activate the card.

3. Alternatively, if you wish to talk to the customer executive directly, you can press the # button on the keypad.

4. The executive needs to confirm specific details such as Card Number and Social Security Number (SSN) to verify the account.

5. Upon completing the process, your Indigo card will be activated within a few minutes.

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1. How often does Indigo give increases in credit limit?

Indigo does not provide a frequent increase in credit limits. And the users can apply for it if they have a minimum of 6-months of on-time payments.

2. Can I use my Indigo credit card before it arrives?

No, because the card needs to be activated before using it. You can use it after receiving the card as you need some details of the card for activation.

3. Where is the Indigo credit card located?

The Celtic Bank provides the Indigo Platinum Mastercard, which is situated in Salt Lake City, UT.

4. How many Indigo cards can I have?

An individual can open only one Indigo Platinum Mastercard account right now. So, you will get only one card for an account.

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