How to Activate iPass Illinois Tollway

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iPass is one of the must-have gear while traveling. At times, we have to pass through a lot of tolls. With iPass, you can easily pass through the tolls without any delays. Activate your iPass kit so that you can use it on any lane while passing through toll plazas.

How to Get an iPass

The iPass kit is available in multiple stores and you can get it in any way you want.

  • Dial 1-800-UCI-PASS (1-800-824-7277) and order the iPass kit to your location. Make sure to turn on and activate the location on your iPhone to get the exact address.
  • Go to the Jewel-Osco shop at 7014 Green Bay Road, Kenosha and buy the kit.
  • Visit and order the iPass kit.
  • Go to the Waukegan Toll Plaza from Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 2 PM or Friday from 10 AM to 8 PM and buy the kit.

How to Mount Your iPass

#1 Ensure that your windshield is clean and dry.

#2 Align the transponder behind the rearview mirror with the arrows pointing towards the roof. Make sure that there is enough gap between the transponder and the metal roofline & the mirror post.

activation sticker

#3 Remove the tape from the mounting strips and press the transponder against the glass firmly for at least 10 seconds.

How to Activate iPass Via Phone Call

#1 For the activation, you need the serial number and activation code mentioned in the transponder. Make a note of it. If you’ve purchased the kit from the Jewel-Osco and Road Ranger Store or any other online store, activate it at the same locations with the help of any representatives.

#2 If you want to activate it through the phone, then dial 1-800-926- 6500 or 800-824-7277. The customer service agent will activate your iPass and set up an account also immediately. Remember that customer service is not available on Saturday and Sunday it is available from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM.

How to Activate iPass Online

#1 Visit the Get iPass website ( and sign in with your account.

#2 Click the View Transponders button on the webpage.

View transponder

#3 Then, choose your transponder and click the Activate Transponder button.

Activate iPass transponder

#4 Enter the serial number and the activation code. Then, click the Activate Transponder button.

Activate iPass

#5 Now, you will get the success message. Generally, it will take 24 hrs for activation. Check the status after a day.

Success message

How to Add iPass Transponder to your account

[1] Login to your iPass account and hit your Profile icon.

[2] Navigate to the Authorized User tab and then click on Add icon.

[3] Enter the details for the user to add authorization for the username.

[4] Hit the green color Add button to add the user.

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iPass Contact Numbers

  • iPASS Customer Service – 1-800-UC-IPASS (1-800-824-7277)
  • Illinois Tollway Central Administration – 1-630-241-6800
  • Activate the I-PASS transponder by phone – 1-800-926-6500
  • Construction information – 1-800-TOLL-FYI (1-800-865-5394)
  • Illinois State Police District 15 – 1-630-571-2616
  • Report a road incident – *999 (mobile-phone)


1. Do Illinois I-PASS transponders expire?

Yes, if the transponder is not replaced within 45 days from the date of expiry, it will be deactivated automatically.

2. How do I update my Illinois I-PASS?

The easiest way to update I-PASS is by contacting customer service at 800-824-7277.

3. How much does an I-PASS transponder cost?

The iPass transponder costs $30 to obtain, a $10 refundable deposit, and $20 prepaid tolls. The minimum balance is $20, and the auto-replenish account is 10% of the average monthly usage or a minimum of $10.

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