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How to Activate JavaScript in Browsers

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JavaScript is popularly used to develop websites we come across daily with unique features. By using it, the developers make web pages dynamic and interactive by implementing custom client-side scripts. However, if the JavaScript on your device is disabled, you will have an impaired web viewing experience. So making sure to activate JavaScript on the browser gives us a better browsing experience. Many popular applications, including YouTube, GooglePay, and more, are developed using JavaScript programming language.

Steps to Enable JavaScript on Google Chrome Browser

1. Launch the Chrome Browser on your PC.

open the Chrome browser on your device

2. Click the More option and navigate to the Settings tab.

3. Go to Show advanced settings from the settings menu.

Note: If you are using the Mac, navigate to the Preferences option and click on the Settings tab.

4. Next, tap the Privacy section and click on the Content Settings option.

5. Under the JavaScript tab, click on the Allow all sites to run JavaScript(recommended).

select allow all sites to run JavaScript to activate it on Chrome

6. Finally, hit the Done button and reload the page to complete the process.

Steps to Enable JavaScript on Internet Explorer Browser

1. Open Internet Explorer and tap on the Tools menu.

open internet explorer on your device

2. From the drop-down list, click on the Internet Options and go to the Security tab.

3. Navigate to the Custom level option on the Security Settings – Internet Zone dialogue window that pops up.

4. Under the Active Scripting option, click the Enable button. Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone warning message that appears on the screen.

5. Click Yes and proceed further by clicking on the OK button.

select Enable to activate JavaScript

6. Refresh and check if the JavaScript is active on Internet explorer.

How to Enable JavaScript on Mozilla Firefox Browser

1. Open the Firefox browser, and type about:config as the URL on the browser.

open Firefox on your device

2. If a warning message appears, click on the I accept the risk option from the pop-up window.

About:Config page on Firefox

3. Enter as javascript.enabled in the search bar on top of the page.

4. Now, toggle the javascript.enabled preference by right-clicking on the toggle button or double click the preference option.

5. By doing this, it will be changed from false to true.

JavaScript enabled change into true

6. Finally, restart the Firefox browser to check if the JavaScript is activated on the browser.

How to Activate JavaScript on Opera Browser

1. Open the Opera browser on your device and navigate to the Settings option.

open Opera on your device

2. In the search bar, enter JavaScript and click on it from the results.

3. Now, click the toggle switch on the new pop-up window to turn on JavaScript.

Toggle switch on Opera browser to enable JavaScript

4. Tap the Ok option, and this would be activating the JavaScript in the Opera browser.

5. Restart the Opera browser and check if the Javascript is active.

How to Enable JavaScript on Apple Safari Browser

1. Open the Apple Safari browser on your Mac device to enable JavaScript.

open Apple Safari on your device

2. Tap Edit and click the Preferences option.

3. Select the Security tab, and click on the Web Content section

4. Now, click on the check box near Enable JavaScript.

Click enable JavaScript to activate it on Apple Safari

5. Refresh the page to enable JavaScript on Apple Safari.

How to Enable Javascript on the Microsoft Edge browser

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to the three dots menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Settings option in Microsoft Edge

2. Scroll down, click on the Settings option and locate the Site permission tab from the left side pane window.

Site permission tab on Microsoft Edge to activate JavaScript

3. Go to the JavaScript option and enable JavaScript on Microsoft Edge.

Activate JavaScript

4. By doing this, the Javascript will be activated on the Edge browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to enable JavaScript on Android mobile?

Open the browser on your Android device. Navigate to Settings and click the Advanced option. Tap the checkbox next to JavaScript. By doing this, we will be able to activate javaScript on android.

2. How to activate JavaScript on iPhone?

Unlock your iPhone and navigate to the Settings option. Select Safri from the Settings menu. Tap the advanced option at the bottom of the page. Next, swipe the toggle near JavaScript to enable JavaScript on iPhone. It would apply to models including iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and more.

3. What, where, and why do you use JavaScript for Websites?

JavaScript is used worldwide and is known to be one of the most reliable programming languages. It helps create dynamic and interactive web content that includes browsers and applications.

4. How to enable JavaScript on an HP laptop running on Windows 10?

The JavaScript is enabled on Windows 10 browsers by default; if you wish to disable Javascript, you can do it by using the browser settings.

5. How to enable Javascript and Cookies in the chrome browser?

In the chrome browser, both JavaScript and Cookies are enabled by default. So we might not have to do it in specific.

6. How to start or execute JavaScript?

There are two possible methods to run JavaScript. One is to insert the script into the HTML document. Or insert it into an external JavaScript file with .js as an extension. Now, refer to the file inside the HTML document.

7. How and why to use javascript libraries?

The JavaScript libraries are pre-written codes that can be used to develop applications or browsers that are built using JavaScript easily.

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