How to Activate Knightfall Protocol in 2022

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The Knightfall protocol was the final backup plan for Batman that Bruce Wayne planned. However, it was deployed only when his secret identity was compromised to protect the closest to him. Therefore, the Knightfall protocol was unknown when Batman planned this final contingency plan. The idea behind this protocol was to destroy the Wayne manor and Batcave to convey that Batman and Alfred are no more. Further, you must collect all the Riddler trophies to activate the total Knightfall Protocol and conquer the Riddler.

How to Activate Knightfall Protocol

 Activate knightfall Protocol

You need to mop up roughly half the side activities in the game to activate the Knightfall Protocol. If you are an expert in taking out the city-based threads, you can enable the Knightfall Protocol in one or two. You need to start activating the Knightfall protocol when your side content is good and when you can see some of Batman’s better-known adversaries.

After activating the Knightfall Protocol, you will be rewarded with another ending. Some of the questions will be answered in the third ending, which all the Batman Arkham Knight players need to see at least once. You will also need to complete the riddler challenge and catch major villains to complete and unlock 100 percent of side content.

 Activate knightfall Protocol

As mentioned before, if you want to enable the Knightfall protocol, you must finish the 7 most wanted side missions. After finishing the main story, the Knightfall countdown says you need 10 most wanted missions. After completing 10, it will ask you to complete 12 of the 14 most wanted missions. Once you are done catching major villains, including Riddler, press the Square button on the controller to activate the Knightfall protocol. It will be activated only if the story and all the side missions are completed. Doing so will allow us to view a shortened Knightfall scene at GCPD without filling the maximum security cell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I activate the Knightfall protocol twice?

Yes, you can start the nightfall protocol twice. Because if you activate the Knightfall before you complete all non-DLC side missions, you can view only the partial protocol. So you will be asked to complete the remaining non-DLC side missions to activate and see the total Knightfall Protocol.

2. Can we activate Knightfall without Riddler trophies?

No, you cannot fight the Riddler without trophies. You can fight Riddler only after collecting the Riddler trophies. So activating Knightfall would not be possible before collecting the trophies.

3. Is Batman still alive after the Knightfall protocol?

No, Batman is not alive after the Knightfall Protocol. Instead, he executes the Knighfall protocol to convey that he is dead as his identity is revealed.

4. What happens when you activate the Knightfall protocol before completing the game 100 percent?

By doing so, we might miss out on some scenes from the middle, and a huge ending segment will also be removed from the game.

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