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How to Activate Macros in Microsoft Excel

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Excel spreadsheet users know very well about Macros and their usage. People often enable Macros in Excel to avoid repetitive actions. Enabling macros makes your work easier by performing repetitive tasks automatically. According to a security viewpoint, it is riskier due to corruption of programs and damage to the system. There are different ways to activate macros in Excel.

By default, macros are disabled in Microsoft Excel but you can enable them as you wish. Macros are not needed for regular use. If you need it specifically for a workbook, you can activate the macros.

How to Activate Macros in Excel [Security Warning Bar]

[1] When you open the workbook with default macro settings, you’ll see a warning bar underneath the ribbon.

click enable content to activate macros in excel

[2] Click on the Enable Content promptly a pop-up window appears to make this a trusted document.

[3] Choose Yes in the pop-up.

[4] For the current file, the macros will be activated.

click yes to activate macros in excel

How to Activate Macros in Excel [Backstage view]

[1] Open the Excel file that you want to enable the macros.

[2] Click the File tab and hover to Info.

[3] Next, in the Security Warning section, click Enable Content > Enable All Content.

[4] After this, your file will become a trusted document and the macros will be enabled.

click on enable all content

How to Activate Macros for One Session [Temporarily]

If you want to enable the macros just for one session or don’t want to mark the file as a trusted document, you can use this method.

[1] Click the File tab and click on Info.

[2] In the Security Warning area, click Enable Content > and then click on the Advanced Options.

[3] Now, the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box will open.

[4] Select Enable content for this session and click OK.

click ok to enable macros in excel for one session

This activation works for the current session. When you close the workbook, the macros will be deactivated.

How to Activate Macros for All Excel Workbooks

If your work totally depends upon macros, the above-mentioned method won’t be feasible for you. In this method, you can enable and activate the macros for all Excel files.

[1] Click on the File tab and head to the Options.

[2] Select Trust Center from the left pane, and then click Trust Center Settings.

[3] In the Trust Center dialog box, click on Macro Settings, select Enable all macros and click OK.

click on enable all macros

Remember, activating macros for all the workbooks can make your computer vulnerable to mess up data and occurs malicious problems further. If you want, you can add a trusted location on your PC and store all the Excel files that need Macros. To do so, click the Trusted Location option in the Trust Center and click Add new location. Create a new folder on your PC to store all the macros-enabled Excel files.

click on add new location

How to Deactivate or Disable Macros in Excel

Despite enabling macros on workbooks of Excel via different methods, you should also know how to disable it to prevent damage or corruption of programs.

[1] Launch Excel and go to the File tab. Then, head to the Options section.

[2] Hover to the Trust Center in the left pane and then click Trust Center Settings.

[3] Go to the Macro Settings and select Disable all macros without notification.

[4] Then, click OK to confirm.

click disable all macros without notification

Using the above methods, you can activate the macros in any version of Excel like 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017, and Microsoft Office 365 suite.


1. How do I permanently enable macros in Excel?

Using the Trusted Center settings, you can enable macros in Excel permanently.

2. Do macros run automatically in Excel?

No, by default, macros will be disabled in Microsoft Excel.

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