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How to Activate McAfee on PCs and Smartphones

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McAfee is a powerful protection software that offers a wide range of cyber security products for PCs and smartphones. A McAfee product not only provides basic security solutions like antivirus and spyware protection but also allows you to access a plethora of features like file lock encryption, parental control, encrypted storage, password manager, VPN, performance optimization, and much more. It also offers 1GB of cloud storage to protect sensitive documents from all kinds of threats. Like Windows 11, you have to activate the McAfee app with the product key to use the tool on your PC.

activate mcafee

You can purchase McAfee in two different ways. Retail card or Online purchase. In the Retail card, you can find the product key on the back of the card. In the case of an Online purchase, you get the product key from the email. McAfee offers plenty of products like Cloud Security, Data Protection, Database Security, Endpoint Protection, and Server Security.

How to Install McAfee

[1] Go to the McAfee official site.

[2] Choose the McAfee product that you want.

[3] Select your device type.

[4] Enter your email address to get the product key.

[5] Complete the purchase.

[6] Now, you will get the product key and the download link in your email.

To enjoy the wholesome protection features, activate your product by the activation code. Now, let’s reveal the activation procedure. Perform the steps below to activate your product key.

How to Activate McAfee

[1] When you open the McAfee software on your device, it will prompt you to activate it with the prompt key.

[2] Now, get your Retail card or go to your email to get the product key.

[3] Then, visit the McAfee activation website (

[4] Enter the 25-digit activation code and email address. Then, tap the Next button.

enter activation code and email to activate mcafee

[7] Follow on-screen instructions and activate the McAfee application.

[8] After the activation, you can access the McAfee tool on your PC or smartphone.

How to Know your Activation Key is Redeemed or Not

Sometimes, even after the McAfee activation process, it will not reflect on your tool. So, to check whether the activation is complete or not, follow the below steps.

[1] After the activation, go to your registered mail and check the Inbox.

[2] You will get a mail from McAfee stating that the activation is completed with the next renewal date. If you can’t find the mail in your Inbox, check the Spam folder.

[3] If you can’t get the messages even in the Spam folder, go through the activation process again.

[4] Still, it is not working, ask McAfee customer support.


1. Where do I enter my McAfee Total Protection product key?

You have to enter the McAfee product key on the McAfee activation website.

2. How do I know if my McAfee is activated?

Open the McAfee tool and check all the features. You can also check your email for the confirmation mail.

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