How to Activate Merrick Bank Card in 2022

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Merrick Bank is one of the largest credit card providers in the United States and has issued over 3 million credit cards to users. They have three major credit cards, and you can choose based on your needs. They offer attractive features like zero liability, flexible payments, security alerts, free financial education, and more. You can purchase the Merrick Bank credit card if you are willing to build your credit. Merrick Bank credit card provides unique offers to users compared with Indigo and Destiny cards. Once you have purchased the Merrick Bank credit card, you need to activate it to manage your transactions.

Methods to Activate Merrick Bank Card

Fortunately, you can activate your Merrick Bank card in three different ways. You can choose a convenient way to activate the card.

  • By Online
  • By App
  • By Phone Call

How to Activate Merrick Bank Card Online

[1]. Navigate to the Merrick bank website activation page on your mobile or PC browser.

Merrick bank card activation

[2]. On the activation page, enter the necessary details, including your 16-digit card number, the last four digits of the Social security Number, and your date of birth.

[3]. Click on Activate Your Card.

[4]. The card will be activated in a few minutes.

How to Activate Merrick Bank Card Via Mobile App

[1]. The Merrick bank app is available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. Install the app on your smartphone.

[2]. Login to the account using the associated credentials.

Merrick Bank Credit Card mobile application

[3]. Locate the Credit card activation button, and proceed further by providing security information as required.

[4]. After all the process, the card will be activated. Now, you can use your Merrick credit card for purchases, transactions, etc.

How to Activate Merrick Bank Card Via Phone

Activating your Merrick credit card by phone call is one of the quickest methods to activate.

[1]. Dial the Merrick Bank customer support helpline number at 1-800-204-5936 from your smartphone.

[2]. Follow the IVR and connect with the support executive to activate the Merrick Bank credit card.

[3]. Provide the necessary details, including personal information, Social Security Number (SSN), and the card number for verification.

[4]. The card will be activated, and you can use it on in-store or online purchases.

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1. How often does Merrick bank increase the credit limit?

Merrick bank automatically increases the credit limits to customers after 7 months to make the credit payments on time.

2. Why is my Merrick bank card not working?

First, ensure that you have activated your card. Sometimes, the card might not work if you have exceeded the cash limit.

3. How to get cash from Merrick bank’s credit card? Where can we use it?

The Merrick credit card allows customers to get cash in advance from the local ATM. Like Way2Go Card, you can withdraw money and use it for in-store or online purchases.

4. How long does it take to receive Merrick’s bank credit card?

The duration varies in different locations. You can receive your credit card only after completing 14 business days.

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