How to Activate Metropcs Phone Easily

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The Metro Personal Communication Service is an American-based prepaid service provider. Moreover, it is owned by T-Mobile mobile service, so users can access T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network. Their unlimited network plan starts at 50$ per month for one single line. If you want to add more lines, there would be a price fall in the monthly plans. However, regardless of any SIM card, we must activate the Metropcs Phone to avail of these benefits. We can use two reliable methods to activate the MetroPCS phone for free.

  • Buying a New SIM without an Account
  • Already have an account and SIM but purchased a new phone

How to Activate New Metropcs Phone

We have multiple methods to activate or create a new MetroPCS account. But, we should have the phone and the new SIM before starting the activation process. The new users will be able to activate the new account via phone or website without paying.

Activate MetroPCS SIM Card Using an Another Phone

[1]. Dail 188-863-8768 from a different number that is already in use.

[2]. Provide all the necessary information to the customer support executive for verifying and activating the account, including name and address.

[3]. You should also provide the executive with the ESN and MEID number of the new phone.

[4]. Finally, follow the on-call instructions, guiding you through the reactivating and programming process.

Like MetroPCS phone, you can also activate Tracfone by visiting its activation page.

Activate MetroPCS SIM Card Using the New Phone

[1]. On the new device that you wish to activate, daily 228.

[2]. Provide the necessary details, including name and address. And also, prompt an Eight digit code of your choice for the activation process.

[3]. Now, your mobile device will be programmed by creating a new account.

[4]. The account will be active only after paying the bill for the first month as it is a prepaid network.

Activate MetroPCS Phone Using Online

[1]. Open the MetroPCS official website on any default browser of Windows or Mac.

MetroPCS website Home screen

[2]. Click on the Activate your Phone button.

Personal information on MetroPCS

[3]. Fill in the account holder’s personal information, including name, address, and other security information.

[4]. Now, follow the on-screen instruction by providing information like the serial or model number of the phone when prompted.

[5]. Wait for a while, and the MetroPCS Phone will be active.

How to Activate New SIM for an Existing MetroPCS Account

When you already have a MetroPCS account. You only need to interchange the SIM to complete the activation process. By doing so, your service provider can track the phone and update the new device information.

[1]. Remove the SIM from the existing MetroPCS phone

[2]. Insert the old SIM card on the new phone.

[3]. Wait for the phone to become active and the network to become stable.

Tips! If you’re a Verizon customer, you need to activate the new Verizon Phone via online, phone call, or mobile app.


Can we use the MetroPCS SIM card on iPhone?

Yes, if we have been using the iPhone from T-Mobile. So we would still be able to use the MetroPCS SIM card on it. But ensure that the T-mobile is unlocked.

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