How To Activate Mint Mobile Service

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Mint Mobile is one of the virtual network operators in the United States. Unlike the other network providers or ISPs (Internet Service Providers), Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). An MVNO doesn’t own the wireless network infrastructure. Instead, they opt for the infrastructure of other physical network providers. So here, Mint Mobile mainly uses the infrastructure of T-Mobile. It also uses the mobile towers of AT&T and networks in the area where there is less cellular reception for the T-Mobile network. If you have decided to try out Mint Mobile service, you have to activate Mint Mobile service.

Preliminary Checks

Before activating Mint Mobile service, make sure to have an eye on the points listed below,

  • If you are looking to port your current mobile number to Mint Mobile service, Kindly head up to your current ISP and cancel all your subscriptions to their service. Then, request them to provide access for switching to another network with your existing mobile number.
  • To access the Mint Mobile service, you will have to reach out to their official website, choose your plan, and request a sim card, which will be sent to your residential address. This is the first step to be done to activate your Mint Mobile sim card.
  • Ensure your device is compatible with using Mint Mobile service. To verify that, check out their official site by clicking this link.
  • Make yourself clear about the way of service provided by Mint Mobile. Have a clear idea about MVNO and all that stuffs before opting for a Mint Mobile service.

How to Activate Mint Mobile Service

1. Unwrap the Mint Sim card and insert it into your device.

2. On your web browser, go to the Mint Mobile activation site. Either way, you can continue the activation process on the Mint Mobile app.

3. Enter the 11 – digit activation code, and click Get Started. The ACT code is provided in the sim card you received. If you avail of an e-sim, check your mail for ACT code and other stuff regarding the activation process.

Enter ACT code on Mint Mobile activation site

4. Enter your Zip Code, and you will see two options, one is to Transfer an Existing Number, and the other is to Get A New Number. You can choose either of them based on your preference.

Enter Zip Code and choose Transfer an Existing Number or Get a New Number

(Quick Note: Getting a new number does not require a long process and can be completed within minutes).

5. Enter all the billing information you have already provided for getting the sim card.

Add your Billing information to activate your Mint Mobile service

6. You must enter your Account information, such as your name, email ID, Mint Mobile password, and all those stuff.

Enter your Account information to create an account on Mint Mobile

7. A prompt will display the status of your activation process. Kindly check the site periodically for an update on your activation process.

The prompt displaying the activation status

8. Up next is the APN configuration on your device. Look for the APN configuration settings online and then enable it on your device for successful activation.

APN configuration screen to configure Mint Mobile network on your device

8. Restart your device, and then you are good to use the Mint Mobile service on your mobile phone.


The activation process might seem tedious if you change networks for the first time. Keep your activation code safe until the activation process is completed successfully.

The users have access to check the network coverage of Mint Mobile service. This is possible by checking the coverage map that is available in the Mint Mobile app.

You can use their customer care number 1(800) 683-7392 if you face any issues during the activation process. You can also head up to their official support site and seek support.

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Does Mint Mobile have an activation fee?

Mint Mobile doesn’t charge anything for activation. But they are said to charge taxes and additional fees that are not mentioned in the plan.

What happens if you go over your data limit on Mint Mobile?

The users of Mint Mobile notice slow internet speeds post their data limits. However, you won’t be charged for exceeding your data limits. You can pay for additional data with higher browsing speeds.

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