How to Activate Mods on Minecraft

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Mods on Minecraft help the players to modify the open world. Minecraft community has developed more than hundreds of mods till now. With the mods, the players can restock the Hotbar with new tools, adjust the playing speed, and also can give the characters new powers & skills. In addition, the players can also change the way tools or mobs appear during the gameplay. In short, the mods on Minecraft make the game more interesting. Are you a player of Minecraft and want to activate Mods during the gameplay? Read this guide completely.

How to Activate Mods on Minecraft Java Edition on PC

To activate Mods on the Minecraft PC version, you need to install the Forge Mod installer or any other mod installer on your PC.

Steps to Install Forge Mod Installer

1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Forge official site.

Forge Installer

2. Search for the Forge latest version that you need to install.

3. After you select the Forge version, tap the Installer button to install it.

4. Next, tap the Save As button at the bottom of the page.

5. Save the Forge Installer in the Downloads folder to access it easily.

6. Go to the Downloads folder after the Forge Installer is downloaded.

7. Open the Find folder and double-click the forge-installer file.

8. After the mod system installer is open, select the Install client and unselect the Install server or Extract option.

9. Click the OK button to continue with the process.

Click the OK button

10. Now, the Mod System Installer will install the Forge Mod Installer on your Windows or Mac PC.

Steps to Activate Mods on Minecraft [PC Version]

1. After you download the Forge Mod installer, navigate to the Minecraft official website and download the mod that you want to use on the game.

Download Minecraft game

2. After downloading, copy the mod.

Note: Extract the Mod if you have downloaded it in the zip folder.

3. Open the Minecraft game on your PC.

4. Navigate to Launch options and open the Installations tab.

5. Select the Latest release option.

7. Tap the Game directory to open the Minecraft Game folders.

8. Select the Mods folder to apply it to your Minecraft.

9. If you don’t have a mod folder, you need to create a folder named Mod.

10. Now, paste the Mod inside the folder.

11. After pasting the mod, close the mod folder and close the Minecraft game.

12. Then, open Minecraft again and click the Profile icon.

13. Tap the Minecraft forge option.

14. Once you click the forge option, the mods will start loading.

15. Finally, tap the Play button to get mods on Minecraft.

How to Activate Mods on Minecraft

How to Activate Mods in Minecraft on iPhone

1. First, you need to download the MCPE app on your iPhone from the App Store.

How to Activate Mods on Minecraft

2. Open the MCPE app on your iPhone.

3. Tap the Search icon and search for the mod you want to use on Minecraft.

4. Click the Download to download the mod on your iPhone.

5. Once the file is downloaded, tap the Install button to install the mod.

6. Next, select copy to Minecraft from the pop-up menu.

7. Now, open the Minecraft game on your iPhone. You will see the Import Completed message.

8. Click the Play button and tap Create New World tile.

9. Finally, you can play the mod-applied Minecraft game on your iPhone.

How to Activate Mods in Minecraft on Android

1. Install the BlockLauncher app on the Google Play Store.

2. Next, open a web browser and navigate to the official Minecraft site.

3. Search for the mods that you want to use.

4. Select the mod you want to activate and click the Download button.

5. Next, open the BlockLauncher app. When you open the app, it will automatically detect the Minecraft PE app.

6. Click the Wrench icon that you find top of the screen to open the Settings menu.

7. Then, tap Manage ModPE Scripts from the screen.

8. Swipe the toggle near the Mange ModPE Scripts option to turn it on.

9. Click the + icon on the next screen that appears on the screen.

10. Next, select local storage to open the file explorer for Android folders.

11. Select the Download folder.

12. Pick the mod that you want to download.

13. Open the Minecraft game and tap Create New World.

14. When you start playing the game, the mod will be applied automatically in Minecraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use Mods in Minecraft Java?

First, purchase and install the Minecraft Java edition on your device. Then, install the Forge Mod installer and add the Mod. After adding the mod, create a new world in Minecraft to get mods.

2. Can you put mods on Minecraft realms?

No, you cannot add mods on Minecraft realms.

2. What is Nether Portal on Minecraft?

Nether Portal on Minecraft is used to pass between nether and overworld.

4. How to get rid of mods on Minecraft?

Go to the Mods folder and delete all the mod files.

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