How to Activate My Chime Card

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Chime is the most prominent online banking service in the US. To claim a Chime card and its benefits, apply or order your card via the Chime app. You’ll receive it within 5-7 business days then load it up with money at any nearby stores. After opening an account, you can activate your Chime card and then use it at most ATM centers, retailers, and other franchise stores.

How to Activate My Chime Card [Online]

1: Visit the Chime website (

How to Activate My Chime Card (3)

2: Click the Login button and sign in with your account.

activate Chime card

3: Go to the Cards section and click the Activate Card button.

4: Enter card details like CVV, expiration date, and all the other necessary information.

5: Then, click on the Activate My Card button.

How to Activate My Chime Card [Phonecall]

[1] Call +1-844-244-6363 on the phone number that is associated with the Chime account.

[2] Ask the customer representative to activate your card.

[3] Provide all the necessary data and follow the instructions to activate your card.

[4] Within two minutes, your card will be activated.

How to Activate My Chime Card [App]

[1] Launch the Chime app on your smartphone. Install the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Chime Mobile Banking app

[2] Click on the Login tab.

[3] Enter your mail ID and password, then proceed to sign in to your account.

[4] A pop-up message appears to activate the card.

[5] Navigate to the Chime card activation page.

[6] Fill in the CVV number and other details.

[7] A verification code will be provided to you.

[8] On the activation page, enter the code and hit the Activate button.

[9] After two minutes, your Chime card will be activated.

Request for a new Chime card

Whether you’ve lost your Chime card or damaged or expired or whatever reasons, you can replace your old card with a brand new one. By sending a card replacement request, you’ll get a new one within 5-7 business days. You can also call the customer support team and request a new card.

[1] Open the Chime app on your smartphone.

[2] Login to your account.

[3] Navigate to the Settings tab.

[4] Select the Replace My Card option and follow the on-screen instructions.

[5] Once you’ve got your brand new card, repeat the activation process.

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1. How to activate my Chime card without an app?

You can activate your card without an app by visiting the Chime website.

2. What If I don’t activate my Chime card?

Chime does not support cardless withdrawals. If you don’t activate the card, you cannot withdraw any amount of money.

3. How Do I Know My Chime Card is Activated?

You can request your card status from the app or call customer service.

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