How to Activate My Roku TV

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Roku is one of the best online streaming devices that offers a simple and intuitive interface with a fully loaded entertainment package. You can discover all the new things by simply streaming cable box, satellite, HDTV antenna, and favorite streaming channels. Now, a lot of Smart TVs brands are releasing their TV with Roku OS. If you are wondering how to activate my Roku TV, you are not alone. All the Roku-powered TVs need to be activated manually, irrespective of the brand. Let’s see how to activate Roku TV.

Features of Roku TV

#1 By signing up for live TV service, you can able to access the whole on-demand content of Hulu, fuboTV, fuboTV, and more.

#2 Every Roku device comes with a unique remote with play, pause, search buttons, and shortcut keys. The latest remote also comes with voice control and universal search functions.

#3 It works well with popular voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. AirPlay and screen mirroring functions go well with the Roku device.

#4 You can use the Roku remote for private listening, just plug in the in-built headphone jacks and listen to audio content privately.

#5 With new home screen menus, dorm room connections, guest mode, Roku photo streams, and many more features, you can say it is one of the best affordable, budget-friendly, and classic streaming devices.

How to Activate My Roku TV

[1] Turn on your Roku TV.

[2] Choose your preferred language.

[3] Select your wired or wireless network access and enter your WiFi password.

[4] Create a Roku account by following the on-screen instructions.

Note: You can’t activate your Roku TV if you don’t have a Roku account.

[5] Now, your TV will display an activation code.

activate my Roku TV

[6] If you are not getting the activation code, go to your mail and check the inbox or spam folder.

[7] Then, go to the Roku activation website www.roku.com/link.

[8] Enter the activation code on the required field and click the Submit button.

activate my Roku TV

[9] You’re all set to watch your favorite content from Roku TV.

While activating your Roku TV, you can also choose a preferred payment method. If not, you can skip the step.


1. How do I activate my Roku TV for free?

To activate your Roku TV, there are no charges or subscriptions needed. You just have to enter the code on the Roku activation website.

2. Why is my Roku TV not activating?

Sometimes, the Roku TV activation code will expire soon. Try again after a few minutes and restart the TV.

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