How to Activate Nether Portal in Minecraft

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Nether portal is the darkest pathway that allows players to pass between the Nether and the overworld. Walking through this getaway is frightening, hellish, and full of whimpering sounds. It is difficult to visit this biome as they need some items to build this Nether portal. In this article, we’ll show how to create and activate the Nether portal.

Activate Nether Portal

Requirements to Make a Nether Portal

1: You’ll need 14 obsidian blocks and one item that ignites fire or lava.

2: A flint and steel are the most important materials required. Along with this, you’ll need a bucket of water.

Dimensions of Nether Portal

dimension of nether portal

1: The basic dimension for the Nether portal is 4*5 blocks that are made up of obsidian blocks with four blocks wide and five blocks, a high total of 14 blocks together.

2: For huge frames, build adjacent Nether portals edge to edge, you can use as many as 128 blocks.

3: Keep the middle portion blank that appears as a gleaming purplish zone to activate the Nether portal.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, while entering into the Nether portal, Mobs also follow you.]

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How to Activate Nether Portal in Minecraft

[1] Find an open place, then keep two obsidian blocks adjacent together. Place dirt or other random blocks on both sides of obsidian blocks.

build nether portal to activate it

[2] Stack up to two or more obsidian blocks on the right and left columns. Move flint and steel tool to the Hotbar.

[3] Place the obsidian blocks on the top of both the edges. Connect all the obsidian blocks creating a framework.

[4] After placing all the obsidian blocks correctly, choose a combustible block, such as a fire charge or flint & steel tool, then drop it on the middle part of the frame.


[5] You’ll see a gleaming purplish substance at the center of the blocks. Jump into the frame to teleport to the Nether Realm.

[6] To return to the overworld, get out of the Nether portal.

How to Deactivate Nether Portal

You can also deactivate Nether portals with the help of these materials. You’ll need explosive blasts, water, and a diamond pickaxe. Destroy the obsidian frame-blocks by pickaxe and explosions.

Link Nether Portals

deactivate nether portals

You can create or build many Nether portals as many as you want but remember, don’t build in close areas of proximity as it leads you to the same location. These portals functions in both ways, you can go back and forth by creating shortcuts into the Nether dimension. The Nether Realm is smaller than the overworld.

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11. How do you activate a nether portal without flint and steel?

Use wood blocks in front of the Nether portal with two blocks high and four blocks wide. Then put lava in front of the woodblock, which ignites the fire to light up the Nether portal.

22. How do you make a nether portal without diamonds?

Stack up the last two lava buckets, and fill water on cobblestone blocks to transform them into obsidian. Lastly, dispose of the cobblestone, then light it up with combustible blocks such as flint & steel tools.

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