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How to Activate NFC on iPhone

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NFC (Near Field Communication) is wireless technology on iPhone that helps the users to exchange the files between the devices located within a few centimeters. NFC allows electronic devices to initiate two-way communication with each other. You can use the NFC for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The only difference between the RFID and NFC is that RFID chips can only read, but the NFC can transmit and receive information from other NFC-enabled devices. Nowadays, NFC has become an essential feature like Hotspot. On iPhone, you can activate and use the NFC feature from the Control Centre or from the Settings menu.

NFC-enabled iPhone Models

iPhones that were launched in 2014, from iPhone 6 to the latest models, support the NFC feature.

How to Turn on NFC on iPhone

1. Open the Settings app from the apps section.

open the Settings app on your iPhone

2. Select Control Center from the settings menu.

3. Choose the NFC Tag Reader from the More Controls section.

swipe the toggle to activate NFC on iPhone

4. Swipe the toggle to activate NFC on your iPhone.

How to Get NFC on Older iPhones

If you use an older model iPhone, you can install any of the third-party NFC apps from the App Store.

1. Navigate to the App Store.

2. Type NFC for iPhone on the search bar.

3. Select the app from the search results.

install the NFC reader app on your iPhone

4. Click the Download button to install the NFC app.

How to Use NFC on iPhone

To use NFC, tap your iPhone on the NFC-enabled device. Your iPhone will detect the NFC tag and a notification will pop up. Tapping the notification will direct you to the specified page. For contactless payments, like Apple Pay, hold your iPhone closer to the contactless reader. Your iPhone will detect the reader and prompts you to approve the transaction. Confirm it with your face ID or touch ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate NFC on iPhone X?

By using the above steps, you can activate NFC on all the iPhone models like iPhones 13, 12, 11, XR, and more.

2. Where is the NFC tap on iPhone?

You can find the NFC icon on the Control Center.

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