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How to Activate Office 365 on Windows & Mac

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Microsoft Office is the must-have software on your PC. Every year, Office 365 is rolled out with enhanced features and security. There are plenty of benefits provided by Office 365. Activate the Office 365 suite on your PC and access all the advanced features.

activate office 365

Activate Office 365

  • Using Microsoft Office Apps
  • From Product Key
  • Using Activation Wizard

Using Microsoft Office Apps

If you want to activate Office 365 without using the product key, you can use this method.

[1] Launch any Office application such as Word or Excel.

[2] Click on the Sign In button of the prompt menu.

click on sign in button to activate office 365

[3] You can also go to the File tab and then select Account and click on Product Activation.

[4] Fill in the credentials that are linked with the Office 365 subscription.

[5] After the successful signin, you will get to use the Office 365 features.

From Product Key

[1] Visit the Microsoft Office website (

[2] Sign in to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft website

[4] Enter the product key and hit the Next button.

Enter product key

[5] Next, you’ll be redirected to Microsoft Services and Subscriptions Page.

[5] Click on Install Now to download all the applications. You can also pick only the apps that you want.

[6] Start using Microsoft Office apps with the Office 365 subscription.

Using Activation Wizard

Using Activation Wizard, you can activate Microsoft Office when you’ve changed any hardware or your trial period is exhausted.

[1] You’ll see a prompt wizard on your screen if you want to activate Office over the internet, then click on I want to activate the Software over the Internet.

[2] Click on the Next button to proceed. You can even choose the phone option to reach out to Microsoft Support and follow the instructions.

click Next button

[3] Follow the on-screen instructions and provide the necessary details.

[4] Complete the activation and use Microsoft apps with advanced features.

All three methods can be used to activate Office 365 on both Windows and Mac PCs. If you want to activate it using your Student ID, enter your verified Student ID on the Microsoft webpage.


1. How to activate Office 365 for free?

You can get the free trial from Microsoft Office, which is available for a month.

2. How to activate Office 365 with cmd?

By using the Microsoft Key Management Service, you can activate it with cmd.

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