How to Activate P-EBT Card [Online & Phone]

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P-EBT is a federal food program formed by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), partnering with the California Department of Education (CDE). It helps families with young children with the CalFresh Food benefits and the school children eligible for a free or low-priced meal. Due to the pandemic, the P-EBT was to provide every eligible child with a one-time benefit of $416.10. Using this card, we can purchase food online through Amazon, Stop & Shop, Walmart, and more. However, the card is sent via mail to their respective addresses, and we need to activate the P-EBT card before using it.

Activate P-EBT Card

Benefits of P-EBT Card

[1]. The benefits are claimed under two conditions either the child has to be in a school-approved virtually or out of school under a school-approved quarantine due to COVID-19.

[2]. The children who come under a school-approved fully virtual schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic will receive $127.80 per month.

[3]. Children who miss one day of school or four days of school will receive the monthly benefits, such as

  • 1-5 school days in a month: $21.30 per month
  • 6-15 school days in a month: $71 per month
  • 16 school days or more in a month: $127.80
Activate P-EBT Card

[4]. The benefits will be retroactive to cover all eligible months from August 2021 to May 2022.

[5]. Cardholders can access full federal benefits for the nine-month time limit. Whenever the purchase is made, the timer of benefit will reset.

[6]. P-EBT and SNAP benefits are accepted anywhere, like small corner stores and grocery stores. You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, all edible items, and a complete food list.

How to Activate P-EBT Card [Via Phone]

Once you’ve applied for the card, you will receive it within 7-10 days. Now, you need to activate it before using it.

[1]. Call the number (1-866-545-6502) on the back of the card.

[2]. Follow the IVR and proceed with the instruction.

[3]. Enter the 16-digit number on the front side of the card when prompted.

Activate P-EBT Card

[5] Type the DOB of the child receiving the P-EBT benefit in mm/dd/yy format.

[6] Enter the SSN in the required field when prompted.

[7] Now, we can set a PIN for the card to use during transactions.

[8] Re-enter the PIN Personal Identification Number for confirmation. By doing so, the card will be active and ready to use for shopping.

How to Activate P-EBT Card [Using Online]

[1] Visit the ebtEDGE official website through any browser.

P-EBT home screen

[2] On the left side, click on the Cardholder Login if you’ve already created an account. If you are a new user, click on the Register Here option.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and provide the necessary details to create a new account.

[3] Now, click on Add Account button and enter the 16-digit card number in the required field.

[4] Enter the child’s details to receive P-EBT benefits such as DOB in mm/dd/yy format. And also, provide the SSN or Mailing Zip Code.

[5] Navigate to the Account Services section in the top-right corner, and click the PIN Select option.

[6] Again enter the child’s DOB and SSN or Mailing Zip Code when prompted.

[7] Re-enter the PIN for confirmation and hit the Update button to save changes.

Using the login credentials, you can review your account information, transactions, and any other account-related activities. Remember that as it is a non-transferable card, you cannot sell or trade using it. But, if you fail to provide any information to verify, the P-EBT won’t activate.

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1. How to use the P-EBT Card?

It works like a debit card, where you can make payments in-store or online. Just Select EBT > Swipe the card > Enter PIN number > Done. If the card is not working, check if the activation process was done correctly. If it is still not activating, reach out to support to fix this issue.

2. Can cardholders use a PEBT card to withdraw cash from an ATM?

No, cardholders cannot access the PEBT card to withdraw cash or funds; it is only used to purchase groceries from farmer’s markets or grocery stores.

3. What if I don’t receive a P-EBT benefit?

Call the P-EBT Hotline at 484-363-2137 to report your problem or submit an inquiry through the DHS P-EBT inquiry form. They’ll reach out to you and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

4. Toll-free numbers to activate a P-EBT card in different states of the U.S?

To activate the P-EBT, contact customer service with their Toll-free number to request the activation.

1. Louisiana – 888-997-1117
2. Texas – 833-442-1255
3. California – 877-328-9677
4. Ohio – 866-386-3071
5. Florida – 866-545-6502
6. Georgia – 888-421-3281
7. Arizona – 888-997-9333
8. Iowa – 800-359-5802
9. Indiana – 888-328-6551
10. Tennessee – 888-997-9444
11. Mississippi – 866-512-5087
12. Oklahoma – 888-328-6551
13. Arkansas – 800-997-9999
14. Maryland – 800-997-2222
15. Illinois – 800-678-5465

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