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How to Activate PayPal Card

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Nowadays, we make most of our payments online. So it is necessary to have a debit or cash card to make payments online. PayPal is one of the most famous payment services. You can order the PayPal cash card online and you will receive the card within seven to ten business days. After that, you have to activate the PayPal card to make payments.

How to Activate PayPal Debit & Credit Cards Using Web Browser

In PayPal, you can get the PayPal Cash Card to manage all your payments and transactions. By using the Cash Card, you can add cash, transfer money, directly deposit cash, and manage your money with ease.

1. Open any web browser on your PC.

2. Navigate to the PayPal activation page

3. Enter the login credentials of your PayPal account and click the Log In button.

 sign in with your PayPal account to Activate PayPal Card

4. Then, enter the card details and click the Activate Card button.

5. Type the Activation Code on the given field and click the Activate button.

6. If the card is activated successfully, you will see the successfully activated message on the screen.

PayPal Card activated successfully

How to Activate PayPal Cards using Mobile App

1. Install the PayPal Prepaid app on your device from the Play Store or App Store.

install the PayPal mobile app

2. Open the PayPal app and click the Wallet tab.

3. Next, choose your PayPal card from the wallet.

4. Enter your Birthday, Social security number (SSN), and all the required information.

5. Once you type all the information, click the Activate button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate PayPal prepaid card without SSN?

No, without the Social Security Number, you can’t activate the PayPal card.

2. How to activate PayPal business debit card?

You can use the same steps mentioned above to activate all the types of PayPal cards.

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