How to Activate PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Plus is the membership service for the PS network. With the PlayStation Plus, you can invite your friends to join the multiplayer games and you can back up the saved data of your popular games like Genshin Impact in online storage. PlayStation Plus offers 14 days of a free trial, once the free trial period is over, you can subscribe to its monthly plan that costs $8.99. After the subscription, your need to activate PlayStation Plus through the Sony website or on your PlayStation 4 console.

Steps to Activate PlayStation Plus Through the Sony Website

1. Open a web browser on your computer or smartphone.

2. Navigate to the Sony PlayStation official website.

How to Activate PlayStation Plus - Sony Website

3. Sign in with your PlayStation account.

4. Go to the Dashboard and click the Redeem code option.

5. Now, enter the activation code in the given box and click the Activate button.

6. Once you are done with the process, click the Confirm button.

How to Activate PlayStation Plus via the PS4 & PS5 console

1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 or 5 console.

2. Next, launch the Dashboard.

3. Navigate to the PlayStation Store.

select store to Activate PlayStation Plus

4. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Redeem Codes.

select Redeem Codes

5. Type the Activation Code in the given box.

enter the code to Activate PlayStation Plus

6. After you enter the 12-digit activation code, click the Continue button.

7. If you have completed the activation process, you can start enjoying the PlayStation Plus special features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to turn off the automatic renewal of PlayStation Plus?

Go to PlayStation Plus > select Manage subscription > click Subscription > tap Disable Automatic Renewal > select Yes to complete the process.

2. How do I activate PlayStation Plus on PS5?

Go to Redeem Codes section in the PlayStation Store to activate the PlayStation Plus.

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