How to Activate PS5 as Primary Console

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PlayStation 5 is one of the best video gaming consoles available on the market. You need to set your PlayStation 5 as primary to play your games and media even when your console is offline. You can also enjoy the benefits of your PlayStation Plus membership like online multiplayer and game help. For that, you need to enable Console Sharing and Offline Play on your PlayStation 5. Now, go on with this guide to learn how to activate primary PS5.

What are Console Sharing and Offline Play on PS5

Console Sharing and Offline Play are the settings in the console that helps you to share your games and other media content. And you can play your PS5 games on another PlayStation 5. The Console Sharing and Offline Play feature won’t affect your gaming console in any way.

How to Activate a PS5 as Primary for Console Sharing and Offline Play

1. Turn on your PlayStation 5 using the power button on your console.

2. Launch the home screen and click the Settings icon.

3. Select Users and accounts from the main menu.

4. Next, click the Other option.

select other from users and accounts to activate Primary PS5

5. Tap the Console Sharing and Offline Play option.

6. Now, a prompt message will appear on the screen.

7. Click the Enable button.

8. Finally, click the OK button to complete the process.

click the Ok button to activate Primary PS5

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate PS5 as a primary account?

You can activate the PS5 as a primary console by turning on the Console Sharing and Offline Play.

2. Can you game share from PS4 to PS5?

Yes, you can share the games between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can do that with the backward compatibility elements of PlayStation 5.

3. How to deactivate primary PS5?

To deactivate the PS5 as the primary console, you have to turn off the Console Sharing and Offline Play.

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