How to Activate Rain SIM Card Via Online

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The Rain SIM Card is the first 4G or 5G network service provider in South Africa. It offers the data-only option to its users who wish to use it only for internet connection, where you will be unable to send messages or make calls. If you subscribe and activate the Rain SIM card, it will allow you to surf the internet, watch movies on Netflix, and many more. However, the activation process is very simple and can be done in a very short span.

How to Activate Rain SIM Card Via Online

[1]. Open the official Rain activation page on any default browser on iPhone, Android, or PC.

Activation Page of Rain official website

[2]. Click on the Get Started button.

[3]. Now, fill in the appropriate details, including first and last name, email, phone number, and password.

Fill in the details to create an account

[4]. Choose either of the options for South African ID or Passport.

[5]. Provide the proof of address or the address mentioned in the passport.

[6]. Click on the Create Account option, and enter the code you received at the back of the Rain SIM.

Create Account button

[7]. Provide the payment details, be it credit or debit card.

[8]. Finally, click on the Activate with SA ID or Activate with Passport.

[9]. Choose the suitable one from the list of plans and proceed further by clicking on the Buy Now option.

[10]. Now, provide the SIM Number and SIM ICCID from the SIM card.

[11]. Click on the check box to complete the RICA process by taking pictures of the documents as instructed.

[12]. By doing so, the Rain SIM card will be active within a few minutes or up to 2 hours.

Once you get the confirmation message on the activation, you can proceed and insert the SIM into the phone or router. So, if you are using it on a router, we might have to set it up manually based on the device.

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Can we activate Rain SIM Card without paying?

No, if you get a SIM card that is not activated already, then there is no way to activate the Rain SIM card without paying.

Is there any USSD Code to Activate the new Rain SIM?

No, there isn’t any USSD code provided by the company to activate the Rain SIM card. So, the only option to activate the SIM would be from its official website. However, there are possibilities in the future to provide a USSD code to simplify the activation process.

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