How to Activate Rapid Pay Card [3 Methods]

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The Rapid Card is a prepaid card that does not require any credit check. Only the identity check was given for verification, in which most people would qualify. Pay cards or Payroll cards are similar to credit cards used by employers to credit wages to their employees. So, it allows the employee to easily collect and spend the pay. Like RushCard and Way2Go Card, we can Rapid Pay cards in most ATMs and in-store purchases that accept Debit MasterCard. The Rapid Pay card ensures safe money handling over carrying physical cash. However, the Rapid Pay card won’t activate when issued. So, the first step to experiencing the exclusive benefits would be to activate the new Rapid Pay card using any of the reliable methods.

Benefits of Rapid Pay Card

Most of these cards are available to offer more benefits and convenience to the customers. So, it’s always good to know the customer’s privileges before applying for one.

Activate Rapid Pay Card
  • Rapid Pay cards are used at ATMs, grocery stores, and gas stations, and Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide.
  • Free of cost to enroll and monitor transactions online and receive alerts via texts.
  • Users get free and multilingual customer services.
  • 24*7 ATM service is available with America’s largest surcharge-free network.

Activate Rapid Pay Card [Via Phone]

[1]. Make a call to Cardholder Service or Customer Service of Rapid Pay Card using the activation number (888) 727-4314 to activate the card.

[2]. Follow the automated IVR or the customer representative instructions carefully one by one.

[3]. Provide necessary details to proceed with the verification process.

[4]. By doing this, the Rapid Pay card would be active and ready to use.

Activate Rapid Pay Card [Via Online Website]

[1]. Launch Rapid Pay’s official website on any compatible browser.

Rapid Card Activation page

[2]. Enter the card details in the required field and click on the Continue option if you’re logging in for the first time.

[3]. Cardholders can also log in to the account using the associated credentials.

[4]. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the Rapid Pay Card successfully.

Activate Rapid Pay Card [Via App]

[1]. Cardholders can download the rapid! Access app from Google Play Store and App Store.

Activate Rapid Pay Card

[2]. Open the app on your device and sign in using your credentials.

[3]. Navigate to the Profile, and proceed further with the on-screen instructions to activate the Paycard.

[4]. Finally, the card will be activated in a few minutes. You can immediately use it for in-store and online purchases.

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1. Is Rapid Pay Card Reloadable, and where to reload it?

With the help of routing numbers and employer card account details, you can conveniently load money onto the Rapid Pay card at most Western Union Agent locations, Green Dot financial service centers and retailers, or MoneyGram locations.

2. Can I transfer money from a Rapid Pay Card?

No. You cannot transfer money from a Rapid pay card to any other card as some bankers don’t accept or may charge a high amount.

3. Can you use a Rapid Pay card online?

Yes. You can use the Rapid Pay card online seamlessly to buy whatever you need with greater flexibility.

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