How to Activate Redcard DoorDash

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The DoorDash Redcard is a prepaid card that allows drivers or dashers to pay for customers’ orders in restaurants that are not listed in the DoorDash app. It loads up the customer’s payment instantly onto the Redcard after the order is placed through the app. DoorDash company issues this Redcard to their drivers who makes purchases at restaurants and pays on behalf of their customers. DoorDash Redcard is a part of the activation kit and one has to activate it manually.

How to Use Redcard

benefits of redcard doordash
  • It is a method used for prepayment at restaurants, not for bonus tips or any form of driver’s compensation.
  • Dashers use Redcard when it is prompted by the app. it either asks “Place Order” or “Pay With Red Card.”
  • Whenever the app shows “Place Order,” dashers should place an order with the restaurant and proceed to pick it up. And dashers should place orders and proceed to the restaurants when the app shows “Pay With Redcard.”
  • It is fully authorized as it is used correctly only at the time of payment at the correct restaurant for the correct amount.
  • Remember when the time of payment dashers should always choose the payment method as Credit.
  • Dashers should not add a tip while paying with the Redcard and never request a receipt unless the customer asks for it.
  • If there is any disparity between the amount on receipt and the amount on the Doordash app, DoorDash ensures to fulfill the funds properly.
  • These Red cards from DoorDash support dashers to pick up orders at restaurants, make proper payment, and provides convenience at the same time.

How to Activate Redcard DoorDash on iPhone

1: Install the DoorDash Dasher app from the App Store.

2: Open the Dasher app and log in to your account.

3: Tap the Account icon.

Tap Account

4: Click on the Did DoorDash give you a payment card? on the top of the page.

5: Enter the Delight number and the last four-digit of the card number.

Delight number

5: Then, tap the Activate button to activate the DoorDash Red card.

How to Activate Redcard DoorDash on Android

1: Install the DoorDash – Driver app from the Play Store.

2: Launch the DoorDash app and tap the Menu icon (three-lined icon).

3: Under Account, click the Red Card option.

Choose Red Card

4: Enter the card details to activate it.

How to Get a New DoorDash Red Card

1: Visit the DoorDash Store website.

2: Tap the Dasher gear option.

click dasher gear to Activate Redcard DoorDash

3: Scroll down to the bottom and choose the DoorDash Redcard.

Choose Red Card DoorDash

4: Choose your delivery method and click on the Add to cart.

click add to cart

5: Go to Cart and complete the checkout.

6: When you receive the new Red Card, you need to activate it.

How to Report Lost Redcard

Suppose you’ve lost your Redcard, report immediately in the app to block further transactions. Doordash will send you a new Redcard.

Report Lost Red Card in iOS App

1: Launch the Doordash Driver app on your iOS device.

2: Go to the Account section.

3: Choose Lost your Redcard?… option.

4: On the confirmation screen, tap the Yes, it’s lost button.

5: Now, the card will be deactivated from your DoorDash account.

Report Lost Red Card in Android App

1: Open the DoorDash – Driver app.

2: Click on the Menu.

3: Navigate to the Account section and tap on the Red Card.

4: Select Mark as Lost.

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1. Can I use my DoorDash Red Card for gas?

No, you can’t use the DoorDash Red Card for gas or for any personal use.

2. Do I have to activate my red card for DoorDash?

Yes. If you don’t activate your Red Card, you can’t receive COD orders.

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