How to Activate Rogers SIM Card in 2022

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Rogers Wireless Inc. is a wireless telephone company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications. They provide wireless services such as internet connection, cable television service, telephones, and mobile phones. Rather than establishing itself as a manufacturer, Rogers is well known as a carrier offering prepaid and monthly plans. As a carrier for mobile phones, the company provides SIM cards for people who wish to use their network. To activate your Rogers SIM card, visit their official site and enter the 15-digit IMEI number.

Steps to Activate Rogers SIM card

1. On your browser, go to the Rogers official site and then click Wireless.

Open Rogers official website and click Wireless to activate SIM card

2. Click on the Pay As You Go option and hit the Activate Now button.

3. You will now be asked to enter your 15-digit IMEI number, followed by the 20-digit SIM card number (ICCID).

Quick Tip:

  • IMEI number can be found beneath the battery of your phone. It is also provided in the mobile phone box or the user manual.
  • The number is on the back side of your SIM card.
The IMEI number and SIM card number to activate Rogers SIM card

4. On the next page, you will get to see two drop-down boxes for choosing the province and city. Select them accordingly, and click Continue.

5. Now, enter the Customer Information that includes your name, address, email ID, and phone number. Finally, click Continue.

6. Select the additional add-ons such as text messages and internet packs, then press Continue. Crosscheck all your information, then finally hit the Submit Activation button.

It will take at least two working days to process your information. You will get notified about the activation status through email.

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Preliminary Setups for Rogers eSIM card

The preliminary setups for physical SIM card holders are a piece of cake. Just insert the SIM card based on the size of your SIM slot. In the case of eSIM, it involves a few preliminary setups to activate the Rogers SIM card. The android and iOS devices have some variations in the steps,

For iOS devices

1. Open Settings and tap on Cellular or Mobile Data based on your iOS version.

Select Mobile Data to activate eSIM card on iOS devices

2. Click on Add Cellular Plan.

3. Go ahead and scan the QR code that you have received previously via e-mail.

Tip: If your iOS device is running on iOS 13 or above, you can skip this process. You can open your Camera app straight away and click a photo of the QR code. You will be notified with the message, “Carrier Cellular Plan Ready to be Installed.“. Click on that, select eponymous under settings, and click Continue.

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For Android devices

1. Open the Settings app on your android device.

2. Tap on Network & Internet.

Select Network and internet to activate eSIM card on android devices

3. Scroll down to find the Mobile network and tap the + symbol.

Click the + icon to add Mobile network on android

4. You will receive a text stating, “Don’t have a SIM card?” Click Next.

Prompt displaying, "Don't have SIM card ?" text.

5. Scan the QR code that you received from Rogers, and turn the Rogers eSIM toggle ON.

These steps are done to indicate the process of embedding the eSIM on your device. Physical SIM card users can ignore these steps.

To install the eSIM on your device, you can directly visit the Rogers physical store. The service assistants will take care of the preliminary setups. You can contact your nearest Rogers retail store by visiting this link. You can also dial 1 855 381-7840 and seek technical support.


Can I use my old number on a new SIM card?

Yes, you can have your current mobile number on the new SIM card.

Do you need a new Rogers SIM card for 5G?

Probably not. The current 4G SIM cards are capable of moving forward with the 5G network. So, it is not necessary to get a new Rogers SIM card for the 5G network.

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