How to Activate Skylight Card in Few Minutes

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The Skylight Credit Card allows us to make payments where ever the Visa or Mastercard mode of payment is acceptable. Like Rush card and American Express Credit Card, we can make transactions in-store or online using the Skylight Card. Some unique feature this card offers to its users is that the signing up process is very simple as it does not check the credit score, has no activation charges, and has no minimum balance limit. However, it has many benefits, like withdrawing cash using the Skylight Credit Card from a local ATM without any fee. However, you must activate the Skylight Card to utilize these benefits during transactions. The Cardholders receive a Skylight check that allows them to access 100% of their cash without requiring to maintain any minimum balance.

How to Activate Skylight Credit Card Using Website

The process to activate the Skylight One Card and the account is very straightforward. Fortunately, it can be done on any device like mobiles and tablets with a compatible web browser.

[1]. Open the browser and go to Skylighpaycard’s official website to activate the Skylight One Card.

Skylight Official website home page

[2]. Click on the Activate/ Register button in the middle of the screen.

[3]. On the Activation page, enter the Security Code and Card Number available on the back of the Skylight card.

Enter details to activate Skylight Card

[4]. Now, proceed further by clicking on the Continue option.

[5]. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the Skylight One Card activation process.

Alternatively, the Skylight One Visa Prepaid Card comes with a phone number on the card. So, we can call that number at 1-888-606-9800 to clarify queries related to the activation process. The support team would be available between 6 AM – 10 PM on Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 8 PM on Saturday and Sunday.


1. How to activate Skylight all access cards?

To activate the Skylight all access Card, go to the website and follow the on-screen instruction.

2. Where can I use my Skylight Card for free?

By using the Skylight One card, we can make purchases in restaurants, stores, online, etc. These transactions are free without any transaction charges. Similar to the Wisely card, we can withdraw money surge-free from over 1 million ATMs across the world.

3. How to fix the Skylight card won’t activate issue?

The reason why we can’t activate the Skylight card includes incorrect details, invalid username, invalid SSN, or may be due to an invalid verification code. Check on all the details, and if the issue is still not fixed, contact the support executive at 1-888-606-9800.

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